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Iris Apatow - 5 Facts You Need to Know!

Published Tue Nov 26 2019 By Travis
Iris Apatow - 5 Facts You Need to Know!

Iris Apatow, as the name suggests, is the daughter of comedy extraordinaire Judd Apatow and famed actress Leslie Mann. Judd Apatow met Leslie Mann for the first time on the set of The Cable Guy in 1996 and a year later they were married and parents of their first daughter Maude Apatow.

Throughout his career, Judd mentioned his family, wife and daughters and they were also the butt of some of his jokes but the thing is he loves his family and they’ve all been together for the better part of two decades where Judd and Leslie flourished in their careers and they raised two talented and beautiful daughters.

Iris Apatow is the second daughter of Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann.
Iris Apatow is the second daughter of Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann.

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Iris was born on 12 October 2002, almost five years after the first of their first daughter and she is still in high school in her senior year and then off to college. She was raised by her parents in Los Banos, California where her big sister was also born and here are five facts you know about the second daughter of Judd Apatow, Iris Apatow.

5. She is also an Actress

Like her mother, Iris is also an actress and appeared in more than four different movies and TV shows while also voicing a character in 'Sausage Party.' The biggest role of her to this date is her recurring role in the Netflix show Love where she plays the character of 'Arya Hopkins' in 13 episodes encompassing two years between 2016 and 2018.

4. Appeared in Her Father’s Movies and TV Shows

All the projects she’s ever appeared in are created, written, directed or produced by her father. Iris has never appeared in a project where the name Judd Apatow does not appear at the opening credit. She is still a small girl, only 17 years old which is probably why she is not so overtly active in the movie industry unlike her big sister who dropped out of college to pursue acting.

3. Iris Apatow’s Parents

Judd Apatow used to do standup comedy routines when he met his agent and some famous people through the job then he was hired to write the jokes for the 1991 Grammy Awards which essentially signaled the start of his career and he was one of the producers of the movie 'The Cable Guy' starring Jim Carrey and during the filming of the movie the producer and the actress fell in love.

They got married on 9 June 1997 and their first daughter was born on 15 December of the same year. Iris on the other hand was born almost five years later in 2002.

2. Iris and Maude Apatow Played Sisters in Two Movies

Iris, as we mentioned above, only appeared in her father’s movies and her big sister Maude also got her break in Hollywood appearing in Judd Apatow’s flicks. Well, they were both hired to play sisters in the movie 'Knocked Up' where their real mother, Leslie Mann, played their reel mother. They again reprised their role in the spinoff flick 'This is 40' directed by Judd, starring Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann as well as the Apatow sisters.

1. Iris is in a Relationship with Her Boyfriend Alfie Hohnen-Weber

Iris is in a Relationship with Her Boyfriend Alfie Hohnen-Weber

Both the Apatow sisters are taken as they are living their best lives with their respective boyfriends. Iris is currently in a relationship with singer/songwriter Alfie Hohnene-Weber and the singer first posted about the actress on his Instagram on 11 June 2019. So, it seems the love between the two is pretty recent and looking at them, they seem to be in love and enjoying each other’s company a lot.

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