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Is Anna Chlumsky Still Married to Shaun So? All Details on her Relationship History

Published Tue Mar 08 2022 By sujan
Is Anna Chlumsky Still Married to Shaun So? All Details on her Relationship History

Know about Anna Chlumsky and her love life here.

Anna Chlumsky is an American actress. She was born on December 3, 1980. She started her career as a child actress. She is best known for her lead role as Vada Sultenfuss in My Girl. Anna Chlumsky's hometown is in Chicago, Illinois. She entered in filming industry at an early age.

Anna has played in many films starting from My Girl. She also played in several television shows and won several awards too. Anna took time off from acting after getting launched at an early age and gaining popularity to attend college to discover a world of academia and possibilities. Her net worth is around $5 Million in 2022.

When she attended college, she met a guy Shaun So, in her class. Later they fall in love. Together they have two daughters. She won’t be encouraging her kids to enter the filming industry right now though they can act as she has at the age of 9.

Anna Chlumsky and Shaun So's Relationship Status

Shaun So is the Guy Lucky to Be Anna Chlumsky's Husband. They first met at their college as students, the University of Chicago, in 2000 on a graduation day. Anna announced her engagement to Shaun in October 2007. Later they get married in the following year. They are now together for almost 23 years (Counting their University time).

Anna Chlumsky with her spouse
Image: Anna Chlusky and her husband, Shaun So, at the party

It is rare to see a Caucasian marrying an Asian. Anna herself is of Caucasian ethnicity, and Shaun is Asian. English men marrying Asian is now a regular thing. It's rare to see an English girl marrying An Asian guy. Anna and Shaun are considered a rare couple. Their relationship even lasted for more than twenty years. Soon they will hit the silver Jubilee.

They celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary and successful 22 years of togetherness in 2022. Anna and Shaun's relationship never ended. Even Shaun had to go to Afghanistan for three years due to military reasons. After coming back from overseas, they got engaged, and soon after, they got married.

Are Anna Chlumsky And Shuan So Still Married? Are They Still Together?

As for now, Anna and Shuan are together. And they are still married. No information regarding their split or getting a divorce has been out yet. They are not fond of using social media platforms, but we can see anna on Twitter, and information about Shun using social media platforms is not accurate and reliable.

Anna Chlumsky with her partner
Image: Anna Chlumsky and Shuan So are living a happy married life.

Concerning our information, not a single controversy between them has been out in public which clearly shows how understanding they are. Anna and Shuan's daughters are still young and might follow filming paths in the future as her mother herself is a film star. Their first-born daughter Penelope Joan So was born in 2013 and their youngest daughter Clara Elizabeth So was born in 2016.

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