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Mother of Sylvester and Singer Frank, Jackie Stallone's Cause of Death Revealed

Published Wed Sep 23 2020 By Chester
Mother of Sylvester and Singer Frank, Jackie Stallone's Cause of Death Revealed

Sylvester and Frank's Mother, Jackie Stallone Dead at 98

The legendary actor Sylvester Stallone's mother, Jackie Stallone died at 98 on Monday.

The mother of Hollywood star, Sylvester Stallone was an astrologer, psychic, and a great mother. As confirmed by Frank Stallone, Jackie died on Monday. However, the cause of death is not disclosed. The struggling manager from the 1980s left the world leaving her sons in shock. Some may also know about Jackie from the TV Series Celebrity Big Brother. We not only lost an astrologer but the mother of two, Sylvester and Frank.

Jackie Stallone With Son Sylvester Stallone

Jackie Stallone With Son Sylvester Stallone
Image Source: Fox News

Her son, Frank posted on his Instagram about the death saying his mother has died in her sleep "as she had wished." With the photo, he captioned a lot of words saying about the great mother. Jackie has been praised in those words as she was the best mother in the world. The songwriter Frank also said,

"It was hard not to like her, she was a very eccentric and flamboyant person. She was born on November 29th, 1921 in Washington DC, she lived through prohibition, the depression, and World War II. I would talk to her for hours about the '20s '30s and '40s. It was a history lesson."

The actor further said how his brother Sylvester cared for their mother like a "queen".

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Their mother, Jackie was an active social media user who lately posted about her children. She also had posted a photo with Sylvester taking a bouquet of flowers. She was living an open life sharing her hobbies and every time with her fans and followers. Besides, Jackie also was a health-conscious person who was trying hard to stay fit and worked out a bit.

Jackie Stallone Working Out in Quarantine

Jackie Stallone Working Out in Quarantine
Image Source: Instagram

With the death of such great people, fans and supporters are busy making a tribute towards stars' mothers. Her friend Flo Anthony also acknowledged the world with the information of her death and expressing grief towards her family. Her loving character and friendship are never forgotten by the world. Jackie also left GLOW members in tragedy as she was an early member and a good friend of all. The former GLOW wrestler Angelina Altishin honored her death by, "Oh my heart broke hearing of the passing of #JackieStallone. 98 years young and was still doing Pilates when we last spoke."

We intimate our deepest condolences towards the late Jackie Stallone and her all family members including her grand-children and all friends who are affected by her death. She will always be honored and respected by the world.

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