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Jakobi Wilburn: A Rising Star Emerges as Future's Talented Son

Published Thu Jan 25 2024 By Marshall
Jakobi Wilburn: A Rising Star Emerges as Future's Talented Son

Jakobi Wilburn, known as Future's son, is a rising figure in the American rap scene. Recognized for both his music and association with his famous father, Future, Jakobi has made a mark in his own right. Notable tracks like "Pink Lemonade," "Bricc," and "Bad Reception" showcase his musical prowess. 

Beyond music, he's engaged in social media influencing, and collaborating with fashion brand Fashion Nova. Despite his prominent lineage, Jakobi is carving his path in the industry, demonstrating talent and versatility as he navigates the realms of both music and influencer partnerships.

Jakobi Wilburn's Parents Love Life

Jakobi Wilburn's parents, Future and Jessica Smith, never formalized their romantic relationship through marriage. The details of their connection, including how they met, remain elusive.

Future's eldest son Jakobi WIlburn
Image: Jakobi Wilburn with his father, Future at the event. Source: Pinterest

Despite lacking specific information, Jakobi's birth in 2002 implies a relationship starting around 2001. The couple, however, parted ways shortly after his birth, with the exact timeline and reasons undisclosed. 

Both Future and Jessica Smith have chosen not to publicly delve into their past, leaving much of the details surrounding their relationship, separation, and subsequent co-parenting efforts shrouded in privacy.

Divorce Between Parents and Child Supports

Jakobi Wilburn primarily resided with his mother, and a recurring pattern emerged as Future, his father was mandated to provide financial support following a court-ordered paternity test. 

This ongoing dynamic became a consistent theme in the relationship between Jakobi's parents. In 2013, Jessica Smith, Jakobi's mother, sought a reassessment of the $1,662 monthly child support she received. 

She argued that Future's reported income of $16,000 per month fell short of the apparent reality, which she claimed exceeded $50,000 monthly. This financial aspect underscored the persistent tension in the co-parenting dynamic between Jakobi's parents.

Get to Know Jakobi Wilburn's Mother and Father

Jessica Smith, the mother of Jakobi Wilburn, is primarily known for her connection to Future, the Grammy award-winning rapper and Jakobi's father. Not much information is available about Jessica's details, such as her birthdate, early life, parents, or current occupation. 

Future, originally involved in the Dungeon Family, gained fame in 2010 and adopted the stage name "Future." With his debut album "Pluto" in 2012, he became a prominent figure in the rap genre, accumulating accolades like BET Awards and Grammys. 

While Jessica's fame is tied to her past relationship, Future's musical legacy sets a precedent for Jakobi should he choose to follow in his father's footsteps as a rapper.

Wonderful Relationship With Father, Future

Despite legal disputes and the rapper Future's publicized legal issues, including Jakobi Wilburn's 2020 arrest, the relationship between Jakobi and his father remains strong. 

Future, expressing love for all his sons, including Jakobi, aims to build a legacy on their shoulders. Notably, only a 19-year age gap separates father and son, creating a dynamic where they often appear more like brothers or friends during public appearances. 

Despite the challenges between Jakobi's parents, the bond between father and son appears unaffected, showcasing a positive connection and mutual affection between them.

How Many Siblings Does Jakobi Wilburn Have? 

Jakobi Wilburn, the sole child of Future and Jessica Smith's relationship is part of a large half-sibling family, with his father having eight other children from various women. Despite his emphasis on building a strong male legacy, Future's offspring include half-sisters like Londyn Wilburn, born to India Jones. 

Jakobi Wilburn siblings
Image: Rapper, Jakobi Wilburn with his siblings and father. Source: Pinterest

The list of Jakobi's half-siblings encompasses Prince Wilburn (Brittni Mealy), Future Zahir Wilburn (Ciara), and Hendrix Wilburn (Joie Chavis). 

Furthermore, Legend Ary (Cindy Parker), Paris Wilburn (Jenelle), Reign Wilburn (Eliza Reign), and Kash Wilburn from an unidentified mother. The diverse family dynamic showcases Future's relationships and the extended network of Jakobi's half-siblings.

Jakobi Wilburn is Also a Rapper

Jakobi, known as King Kobi in the music scene, follows in the footsteps of his acclaimed father, Future. With 15 YouTube videos garnering over 144,000 streams, he addresses personal issues like gun charges through his rhymes. 

Inspired by artists like XXXTentacion, Frank Ocean, and Pharrell Williams, the 20-year-old is poised to be an inspiration himself. Beyond music, Jakobi is an influencer model for Fashion Nova, a top clothing brand globally. 

His social media showcases him donning the brand's latest attire. Confident in his potential impact, Jakobi aspires to follow the path of influential artists like 50 Cent, who inspired their children.

Future's Son, Jakobi Wilburn Was Arrested in 2020

In January 2020, Jakobi Wilburn faced legal troubles, arrested in Georgia for possessing a gun with a scratched-off serial number and engaging in criminal activity, compounded by false information about his identity and age. 

At 17, he risked being treated as an adult, facing up to 20 years in prison. Thankfully, Future, his father, enlisted top legal help, and Jessica Smith, his mother, provided moral support. 

Remarkably, the parents, rarely in agreement, united to secure Jakobi's release. The charges were dropped, and he regained freedom in February 2020, averting a potentially lengthy prison term with the collective efforts of his parents.

How Rich is Jakobi Wilburn? 

At nearly 20, Jakobi Wilburn, known as King Kobi in the rap scene, has released tracks like "Bricc" and "Pink Lemonade." Operating under the alias King Kobi, he has already amassed an estimated net worth of $600,000 from his budding rap career. 

Jakobi Wilburn net worth
Image: Rapper, Jakobi Wilburn posing in his super car. Source: Instagram

While this figure pales in comparison to his father Future's substantial $50 million net worth, Jakobi's youth and innate talent suggest a promising trajectory. 

With the potential to carve out his successful path, Jakobi is positioned to potentially match or even surpass the achievements of his renowned father in the rap industry.

How Old is Jakobi Wilburn Today? 

Born on June 30, 2002, in the United States, Jakobi Wilburn, a young rapper, and celebrity child is currently in his early twenties. While his exact place of birth remains undisclosed, he is unequivocally a U.S. citizen. 

Jakobi identifies with the African-American ethnic group, evident in his physical features and skin color. Not initially born into celebrity status, his father, Future, wasn't a major star at the time, and his mother lacked social prominence. 

Despite these origins, Jakobi has since emerged as a notable figure in the music scene, establishing his identity and reputation beyond his initial circumstances.

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