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Jared Padalecki And Misha Collins Reveal Their Favorite Supernatural Episodes Of All Time

Published Sun Jun 16 2019 By Travis
Jared Padalecki And Misha Collins Reveal Their Favorite Supernatural Episodes Of All Time

After 15 seasons Supernatural is saying goodbye, and Jared and Misha reveal their favorite episodes.

'Supernatural' has been on television for as long as we can remember, with the 15th season the series is wrapping up the beloved cult classic. It is really hard to think of a television season without setting time out to watch the new installment of 'Supernatural' going forward.

We have along for the ride, by the time the series ends, for over 300 episodes. It has been a real pleasure to be part of the 'Supernatural' family, and you bet there will be some misty eyes when the series ends next year. We are not looking forward to it because we don't want it to end. But it is not up to us, every good thing comes to an end eventually and with a heavy heart, we acknowledge that 'Supernatural's 15th season will be it's last.

Though the end is nigh, the inevitable was made a bit easy to swallow by the gangs' heartfelt message to the SPNFamily and also some promises of big, real big last ride. It is not just us that will lose the show, the cast will miss bringing us the joy of being part of the weird hunting family. It is really sad that the show which was just a hunting demon every week turned into a phenom it is today about the love of two brothers for each other.

Jared looked like he was about to cry in the video and Jensen was putting on a strong face but they were sad like we are now. Like Jensen Ackles said, "end of an institution". Erik Kripke the shows creator also said nice things, in a show about family, it became a family.

Sam, Dean, and Castiel in CW's Supernatural.
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Though the show will be gone after next year, we will always have our favorite episodes, whether it is 'Brother's Keeper' or 'Baby', there is one episode that always makes us smile, laugh, cry and sometimes all at the same time. The same thing is true for Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins, they have their favorite episodes and they listed their favorites in an interview.

When Jared was asked what was his favorite Supernatural episode of all time, he had this say, "I love the meta episodes like 'French Mistake', 'French Mistake' was a lot of fun to make fun of ourselves and make fun of the business and stuff like that." French mistake was a really funny episode, every year there is this one episode in 'Supernatural', that is so out there, it shouldn't even work, this was one of those episodes.

Watch: Sam and Dean try to act in the alternate universe

In 'French Mistake' 'Sam' and 'Dean' get transported to an alternate universe and it turns out, they are actors in the new universe acting in the show called Supernatural. It was the fourth wall breaking episode that can put Deadpool to shame. They made fun of the industry as well as the producer of the show Robert Singer, who made one of the characters name 'Bobby Singer'. This is also one of our favorite episodes; the Sam and Dean fight during the middle of the episode is funny and this whole episode was like Jared put it "meta".

Jared also gave a shout out to the episode 'Yellow Fever', you know exactly why he likes that episode, the 'Dean scream', one of the funniest scenes in 'Supernatural' history. That was so hilarious, we can't figure out how Jared was able to keep a straight face while filming that episode.

Watch: The funniest scene in the history of Supernatural

Not only the comedic episodes, but Jared also shared some of his favorite dramatic episodes, "'Swan Song,' for sure. The pilot, for sure... 'The Sacrifice,' which was the end of Season 8... 'All Hell Breaks Loose'. There are a ton that stand out. Obviously, the 300th episode [with] Jeff [Dean Morgan] coming back. The 200th episode where we did the Supernatural musical..."

'Swan Song' culminated the 5 season run of 'Supernatural' and all the others well emotionally heavy. That is why we love 'Supernatural', from 'French Mistake' to 'The Sacrifice' you get everything.

Misha also listed 'French Mistake' as one of his favorite episodes, about the episode he said they, "knockdown, stomp on and burn the fourth wall." It was exactly that, you can't get any more self-critical than that episode. He also mentioned 'Baby' as one of the best episodes, well it is our favorite episode.

Watch: The episode from Baby's perspective

The whole story told from the perspective of the Impala, is a really lovely concept. The car has been part of the family for so long that it always felt the car had a life of its own. In this episode the directors and writers gave us exactly that, the whole episode from the perspective of the car gave the Impala a life, it is not a car, it is Dean's baby.

The show will end but the love for the show is everlasting, and we will always have our favorite episodes. The final season of 'Supernatural' returns this fall on CW. Meet you all there for the last ride.