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Jayne Posner Unveiled: The Riveting Saga Of Love Lost With Neil Diamond

Published Thu Nov 30 2023 By Bsgurung
Jayne Posner Unveiled: The Riveting Saga Of Love Lost With Neil Diamond

Jayne Posner's marriage to Neil Diamond, marked by the singer's early career success, ended in divorce, raising questions among fans. The couple's spark dwindled, leading to their separation. Initially a teacher, Jayne left her job after the divorce. 

Despite the brief spotlight, she has largely remained out of public view since. The reasons for their split and Jayne's post-divorce life remain private, leaving fans curious about her whereabouts and activities after the high-profile marriage.

How Jayne Posner Meet Her Ex-Husband, Neil Diamond? 

At 17, Neil Diamond, a budding talent at Abraham Lincoln High School, first met Jayne Posner, sparking a romance that influenced his musical journey. While working as a waiter at a resort, Diamond, yet to fully explore his musical prowess, captivated Posner with his charming voice. 

Neil Diamond wife
Image: Neil Diamond with his ex-wife, Jayne Posner together. Source; Getty Images

Their relationship flourished as Diamond's songwriting skills gained notice. Posner, a supportive muse, played a pivotal role in encouraging Diamond's musical aspirations, with the singer crediting her for motivating him to pursue a music career. The young Diamond expressed his love through sweet songs, a practice that began at the age of 17.

Married For Only Six Years

Jayne Posner and Neil Diamond, married in 1963 and celebrated six years together before facing marital challenges. Despite an initially private ceremony, their union encountered difficulties after four years. 

The couple eventually divorced on November 25, 1969. Neil Diamond's involvement with Marcia Murphey during their marriage might have contributed to the split, though details are scarce. 

Post-divorce, Jayne Posner deliberately maintains a low profile, shying away from the limelight. Her private nature leaves much unknown about her life and activities since the high-profile marriage, underscoring her preference for a discreet existence.

How Many Kids Does Jayne Posner Have? 

Jayne Posner and Neil Diamond became parents to two daughters, Elyn and Marjorie Diamond, from 1963 to 1967. 

While specific birthdates are not publicly disclosed, Neil Diamond indeed has daughters. The girls primarily grew up under Jayne's guidance, although they had occasional visits with their father.

Divorce Settlements

After divorcing Jayne in 1969, Neil Diamond quickly married Marcia Murphey, a production assistant, on December 5 of the same year. 

Their 25-year marriage produced two children, Jesse and Micah, but ended in 1995 with a divorce settlement reportedly amounting to $150 million. Denying the accuracy of the figure, Neil emphasized the difficulty of the long marriage. 

His third marriage to Katie McNeil in 2012 marked a more positive chapter, with Neil expressing gratitude for Katie's impact on his belief in marriage. Despite challenges from working together, they have successfully addressed issues and cherish their relationship.

She is a Teacher

Jayne Posner, a former New Yorker, pursued a teaching career after graduating but left the profession upon marriage. Since fading from the public eye, she has maintained a discreet profile, making it challenging to ascertain her current occupation. 

While rumored to be involved in undisclosed commercial activities, she avoids social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, unlike many who capitalize on past fame. 

This deliberate absence underscores her commitment to privacy, eschewing the typical online presence associated with those who once experienced celebrity status.

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Where is Jayne Posner Today? 

After her divorce from Neil Diamond, Jayne Posner retreated from the spotlight, maintaining no social media presence, making her current whereabouts elusive. 

Jayne Posner husband
Image: Jayne Posner with her ex-spouse, Neil Diamond. Source: Getty Images

Reports suggest she devoted her life to raising their two children with support from Neil. In contrast, Neil embarked on two more marriages post-divorce. 

His third marriage to actress Katie McNeil in 2012 has endured, presenting a divergent narrative from Jayne's more private post-marital life.

Net Worth of Jayne Posner in 2023

Former school teacher and celebrity ex-wife, Jayne Posner, reportedly holds an estimated net worth of around $800 thousand. While her current professional endeavors remain undisclosed, speculation suggests she may be engaged in undisclosed ventures. 

In contrast, her ex-spouse, singer and songwriter Neil Diamond, boasts a substantial net worth of $300 million, accumulated through his successful career. Neil also owns a lavish $7.25 million Malibu Beach house featuring five bedrooms, a spa, a terrace, and a pool, showcasing the considerable wealth he has amassed over the years.

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