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Who is Jennie Pegouskie's Husband? Learn the Details of Her Married Relationship!

Published Fri Nov 01 2019 By Travis
Who is Jennie Pegouskie's Husband? Learn the Details of Her Married Relationship!

Jennie Pegouskie was born on 14 August 1988, and all her tween and teen years, she moved around the country with her parents, finally settling down in Seattle, where from a young age she took to dancing. Dancing was something she did after school, and being the new kid at new schools is not going to be easy, but dance was her of coping with the constant change.

After finishing high school, Jennie moved to the US capital, where she enrolled in the University of Washington and graduated from the university in 2010 with a degree on communication and marketing. Dancing was something she acquired over time, but it was not going to pay the bills, which is why she put her degree to work and got a real estate job in Seattle in the marketing department.

Dancing was like her second nature, which is why even when being busy with the real estate agency, she continued to model and dance. She then hooked up with the rap crew Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, who were just about to find their way to worldwide fame. She appeared in the groups' music videos and then came the massive role of starring in an Ed Sheeran video. All of this was happening while Jennie took the next step with her boyfriend, and it seems everything worked out fine for the model/dancer.

Who is Jennie Pegouskie’s Husband?

Jennie Pegouskie is in a relationship with professional content creator Kamel Bentot. Kamel is from France, and the couple is extremely close to one another. The duo made their first appearance on Instagram on 28 August 2017 when the 'Shape of You' team was celebrating the success of the music video and the song.

They were together a while before they made it Instagram official, but this was the first time we saw them together. Kamel is a resident of Seattle, and he is involved in professional photography as well as videography, he is also a dancer, and seeing all these similarities between the two, it is not hard to imagine the two fell for each other.

Jennie seen here with a ring on her ring finger.
Jennie seen here with a ring on her ring finger.

Source: Instagram

Kamel is also the founder of Lightpose, a company, which provides professional photographers for various events. His Instagram is filled with different portraits and a couple of pictures of his wife, Jennie.

We are not certain when the two got married; they did not share images from their wedding, but we did see the model/dancer wearing a wedding ring on 28 April 2018. There is certain amount of certainty the couple is engaged but except for the two calling each other husband and wife, there is no evidence to state with 100% certainty the couple is married.

Jennie’s Rise to Stardom

While working in the marketing department of a real estate agency, Jennie kept following her passion for dancing. Then she linked up with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, where she was hired as the background dancer for the duo’s tour. She also appeared in a small role in the rap duo’s 2015 song 'Downtown.'

But this was not her call to stardom; the model was working as the director’s assistant for Ed Sheeran’s song Shape of You. The video was set in Seattle, and the creative team was looking for a strong woman to take the role of the female lead in the video. The girls who answered the casting call were not cutting it, then the team saw Jennie help someone for their audition, and she caught the eye of the director as well as Ed.

Watch: The music video for Ed Sheeran's Shape of You with Jennie

Jennie was asked to audition, and she was hired for the role of the female role. She was also going to play a love interest for Ed, and the music video was a massive success with over 4.4 billion views on YouTube. The song and the appearance in the video allowed her to make a name for herself and made her known to billions of fans all over the world.

Now, she is working with Nike and promoting apparel on her Instagram. She is also working as a model while following her passion for dancing.

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