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Fans React to Jennifer Lopez and Shakira Headlining the Halftime Show During Super Bowl 2020

Published Fri Sep 27 2019 By Travis
Fans React to Jennifer Lopez and Shakira Headlining the Halftime Show During Super Bowl 2020

NFL is all set with their headliners for this year's halftime performers with the event locking in Jennifer Lopez and Shakira for the illustrious spot.

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will be taking the stage in Miami when this year’s Super Bowl heads to the South beach. The NFL season is in full swing, and the selection committee is already choosing the acts to headline the coveted halftime spot.

This season’s Super Bowl will be held at the Miami Gardens, Florida and Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will be there during the mid-way point of Super Bowl LIV which will be held on 2 February 2020.

Last year it was Maroon 5 who was on the stage alongside Big Boi and Travis Scott, but the event was mired in controversy after most of the acts who were asked to perform decided not to be involved with the show after the protest for Colin Kaepernick.

When most other acts decided not to do the event 'Maroon 5' took the stage and Travis Scott’s involvement was much criticized but it seems the heat on the event seemingly died down. Most of the people are not calling foul on the selection with both Latino performers taking the stage on a predominantly Latin population state of the US.

Watch: The Super Bowl LIII performance by Maroon 5

Jennifer Lopez is riding high on the success of her new movie 'Hustlers,' which opened in America with over $30 million in the opening weekend. The movie is garnering Oscars buzz with the actress being talked in the supporting actress category which is going to only compound when she performs on the NFL’s biggest stage before they lay the red carpet for the Oscars.

The announcement came from Pepsi, and their Twitter was the first to break the news, and then the vice-president of Pepsi said in a statement, “These two remarkable artists are setting a new precedent for what this show can become, and we’re confident that this will be an incredible performance for the ages.”

Roger Goodell and Jay-Z signed a deal to produce shows for the company.
Roc Nation and Jay-Z signed a deal to produce for the sporting company.

Source: USA Today

This was the first move, which came from the deal between Roc Nation Jay-Z’s company and NFL. The Jay-Z company will produce the show, and the consulting deal will allow the show to go through.

Fans on the internet were divided about what they want for the halftime show and they let their frustration, indifference, confusion and jubilation be heard on Twitter. Here are some of the funniest tweets from the announcement.

Both the act of the event took to Twitter to share their excitement and Shakira, whose birthday falls on the same day wrote in the statement, “I’m so honored to be taking on one of the world’s biggest stages in the company of a fellow female artist to represent Latinos and Latinas from the U.S. and all over the world—and to top it off, on my birthday! This is a true American dream, and we are going to bring the show of a lifetime!”

Hope the event will be better than what Maroon 5 put together this year. The football season is in full swing, and now we can be certain who to expect in the halftime even if we don’t know who will be in the final (cough New England and whoever else cough).

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