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Jennifer Misner: Unveiling the Life of Dustin Diamond's Devoted Wife

Published Wed Jan 03 2024 By Bsgurung
Jennifer Misner: Unveiling the Life of Dustin Diamond's Devoted Wife

Jennifer Misner, the ex-wife of late actor Dustin Diamond, shared a four-year marriage with him before separating eight years before his unexpected death in Feb 2021. Dustin, known for his role as Screech in "Saved By The Bell," left fans in mourning. 

The details of Jennifer's meeting with Dustin, the reasons behind their separation, and her life post-divorce remain private. Amidst the reminiscence of Dustin's memorable moments on and off-screen, his history is inseparable from his past relationship with Jennifer Misner.

Jennifer Misner Married Life With Late Actor, Dustin Diamond

Jennifer Misner married actor Dustin Diamond in 2009, sharing a relationship that began in late 2004 when they met in Pennsylvania during Diamond's tour.

Jennifer Misner husband
Image: Jennifer Misner with her husband Dustin Diamond. Source: Twitter

Expressing marital bliss in a 2012 interview, Diamond mentioned their desire for children. However, the couple faced challenges, including Misner's miscarriage from an ectopic pregnancy, leading to medical bills. 

Living together in Port Washington, Wisconsin, they decided to part ways in 2013. Post-separation, Diamond sold his Port Washington home in 2020 and relocated to Florida. The actor, known for "Saved By The Bell," tragically passed away in February 2021, leaving fans in mourning.

Reports Says That Jennifer Misner and Dustin Diamond Were Never Married

Following their separation, Jennifer Misner and Dustin Diamond pursued their respective careers. Jennifer, a sales manager, returned to the Louisville Metropolitan Area, Kentucky. 

Tragically, Dustin faced health challenges, being hospitalized on January 14, 2021, due to widespread stage four small cell carcinoma of the lungs. 

Despite undergoing chemotherapy in Cape Coral, Florida, the "Saved By The Bell" actor succumbed to the illness on February 1, 2021, at the age of 44. Shockingly, a month later, the death certificate revealed that Dustin was not married to any woman, casting doubt on his previous marital claims.

Jennifer Misner Stick With Dustin Diamond's Sex Tape Scandal

In 2006, amidst a career slump, Dustin Diamond, known as Screech from "Saved By The Bell," made a sex tape titled "Screeched – Saved by the Smell" as a financial gamble. Despite low acting success, the tape, featuring Diamond and two unidentified women, did not involve his ex-wife Jennifer Misner. 

Dustin Diamond wife
Image: Late Diamond Dustin with his wife, Jennifer Misner. Source: Pinterest

In 2016, Diamond admitted the move was prompted by financial struggles, inspired by the profitability of Paris Hilton's sex tape. In a 2013 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Diamond expressed deep embarrassment, citing the decision as "really dumb," emphasizing the influence of Hilton's tape on his ill-fated choice.

Justin Misner's Husband, Dustin's Death

Dustin Diamond, the Saved By The Bell actor, began hospitalization on January 14, 2021, due to widespread pain and a noticeable lump on his neck, as revealed by close friend Dan Block. 

Despite completing a round of chemotherapy in Cape Coral, Florida, Diamond succumbed to lung cancer on February 1, 2021, dispelling rumors of a car crash. 

It remains unclear if Diamond maintained contact with ex-wife Jennifer Misner before his demise, which occurred weeks after doctors declared his illness terminal, giving him a prognosis of weeks to five months to live.

What Jennifer Misner Does For Living? 

In August 2020, Jennifer Misner, impacted by COVID's effect on the hospitality industry, launched a licensed small garden business in Kentucky. With the state's approval, her venture received the KY Proud stamp. 

Having ample free time, Misner, along with her business partner, collaborated with a vendor for shipping live plants starting in spring 2021. 

Despite engaging in fundraisers and charity events on social media, Misner's current romantic status remains undisclosed. Her focus appears to be on her flourishing garden business and philanthropic endeavors, indicating a resilient and active post-divorce life.

Jennifer Misner's Net Worth in 2023

As of 2023, Jennifer Misner boasts an estimated net worth of $1 million, primarily amassed through her lucrative career as a sales manager, holding diverse roles in various companies. The high-paying nature of her profession likely contributed significantly to her earnings. 

Dustin Diamond net worth
Image: Late Dustin Diamond in the frame. Source: Twitter

While her financial stability suggests potential real estate or other investments, she lacks a substantial social media presence for brand endorsements. 

Regardless, Misner's success and financial standing affirm her ability to lead a comfortable and prosperous life. This encapsulates the key aspects of the life and financial standing of Dustin Diamond's ex-wife, Jennifer Misner.

How Old is Jennifer Misner Today? 

Born in the 1970s in the USA, Jennifer Misner, the former wife of Dustin Diamond, maintains privacy about her childhood, family, and education. 

Limited details reveal her sister, Amanda Misner, likely a consumer loan ops specialist in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania.

Jennifer's discreet approach extends to various aspects of her personal life, emphasizing her privacy preference.

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