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Jess Lockwood Wife Hailey Kinsel - Wedding Facts of This Wonderful Duo!

Published Tue Dec 17 2019 By Sea
Jess Lockwood Wife Hailey Kinsel - Wedding Facts of This Wonderful Duo!

It was an early wedding for Jess Lockwood, but it was a festive one for him and his new wife. It takes a strong will to get married at 22, but then again, he's a professional bull rider. No criticisms there.

Jess Lockwood's Wife, Hailey Kinsel, on the other hand, tends horses and is an American World Barrel Racing Champion. Her horse, Sissy Hayday (aka Sister), was the star of the National Finals Rodeo in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Hailey Kinsel Married Jess Lockwood, Three Years Her Junior, In a Wonderful October Wedding in 2019 — The Details

Many hearts were broken when Hailey Kinsel started appearing alongside Jess Lockwood on his social media accounts. While the bullfighting world was relatively less known about the record-breaking barrel racer, some others were in full support of their relationship.

Jess Lockwood with his then-girlfriend Hailey Kinsel and her sister with her husband.
Their first photo made admirers crazy over them.
Source: Jess Lockwood, Instagram

On March 18, 2019, Lockwood announced via social media that Kinsel had said yes to his proposal. Thus, Jess and Hailey were engaged. Their wedding came just a couple of months ago on October 25, 2019. They got married at Kinsel's ranch in Cotulla, Texas, with a wedding like real cowboys do.

Hailey Kinsel sporting the engagement ring immediately after the engagement.

"She said yes! ❤️," the caption to Lockwood's post.
Source: Jess Lockwood, Instagram

'Madi Wagner Photography' captured all the beautiful moments of the couple. No, not just the wedding. Lockwood had planned the proposal with the Photography company quite a time before actually proposing so that they could plan for the wedding beforehand.

Kinsel wore a beautiful authentic full-length white gown spreading around her legs, while Lockwood wore a slightly odd cowboy outfit, but a wedding outfit nonetheless. He was still wearing the cowboy hat when they were pronounced husband-wife and kissed. In addition, the groomsmen, maid of honor, and bridesmaids all wore their respective outfits, matching the bride and groom's dresses.

Check Out the Jess Lockwood + Hailey Kinsel Wedding Photos with Their Relationship As a Timeline.

Photos retrieved from Madi Wagner Photography, Jess Lockwood's Instagram, and Hailey Kinsel's Instagram accounts.

Jess Kissing the forehead of Hailey Kinsel in wedding dresses.
Jess Lockwood and Hailey Kinsel were speculated to have started dating in April 2018.


Lockwood and Kinsel at the same pose as above photo while looking at the camera this time.
In December 2018, Hailey Kinsel confirmed they were dating Cowgirl Magazine.


Kinsel holding the wedding bouquet facing her back with head turned back to the camera.
It turns out they had been dating for over a year before December 2018.


Lockwood and Kinsel facing the camera to take a full picture with the bride holding the bouquet.
It means they started dating in November 2017 or before that.


Kinsel applying some makeup with the help of an assistant before the wedding.
The couple soon became everyone's favorite new rodeo couple.


Lockwood and Kinsel with their respective arms crossing each other as they pose like walking away from the camera.
Lockwood announced the engagement in March 2019.


The wedding moment. Jess Lockwood and Hailey Kinsel kiss each other after saying their 'I do's and vows.
Lockwood and Kinsel married at Kinsel's ranch in Cotulla, Texas, on October 25, 2019.


Kinsel facing the back holding the bouquet. Full Picture
The couple split their time between their respective ranches in Stephenville, Texas (winter) and Montana (summer).


Jess Lockwood and Hailey Kinsel with their respective parents, all dressed appropriately for the occasion.
Jess Lockwood and Hailey Kinsel, with their respective parents, all dressed appropriately for the occasion.


The groomsmen at the Jess Lockwood + Hailey Kinsel Wedding dressed like cowboys like the bride, standing with hands crossed at the alter.
Jess Lockwood and the groomsmen.


An iconic cowboys pose with Jess Lockwood and two of his groomsmen - both hands in one slot of the belt.
Hailey Kinsel (center) with the maid of honor (to her right) and the five bridesmaids, two beside the maid of honor and three beside the bride. A dog pops in front of the bride.
Paige Phillips (right-hand side of the bride in white) was the maid of honor.


The groomsmen carrying the groom, Lockwood, as he extends his hand out to reach the bride, Kinsel, holding a bouquet.
A real cowboy showdown.


After the victory over the bride.


The bride's dress hanging from a tree as is the tradition.
A tradition for every bride to and their dress in a tree. Also a dream for any girl growing up.


The wedding reception table with the bouquet centering the table. Plates and glasses appropriately placed.
The wedding reception was nothing short of amazing.


The moment of wedding reception captured from afar, people sitting and standing while surrounding the ranch tree.
The weather favored them entirely as the rain moved up to morning, and the winds died off in the evening for a perfect outdoor wedding.

Such a grand wedding undoubtedly led to bigger things for the two. Lockwood's immediate world championship win should have been quite the wedding gift for her (and him). We were leaving happy trails behind.

A brief insight into Jess Lockwood's career!

Jess Lockwood was the PBR in 2015 and was named the Rookie of the Year in 2016. Lockwood became the youngest to clinch the PBR World Champion title on November 5, 2017. He was just 20 at the time. The same title came his way for the second time in November 2019.

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