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Who is John Pringle Wife? Here's What You Should Know

Published Sun Jan 24 2021 By Bran
Who is John Pringle Wife? Here's What You Should Know

Is 'Southern Charm' actor John Pringle married or dating someone? Stay here as we bring you all the information about his romantic life.

All thanks to an impressive debut season in Bravo TV's 'Southern Charm', the young artist John Pringle is one of the fan-favorite figures on the show. The Charleston-based native was already a local celebrity as an underrated singer and songwriter. Following his huge debut season in reality TV, there was no doubt that he was a national celebrity, if not an international one.

John Pringle's introduction might mostly contain the fact that he recently made an appearance in 'Southern Charm' but that by no means is a limit to his professional career. Over the course of his acting journey, he released some promising musical projects inclusive of two EPs and an album called 'Strange Points of View.'  All thanks to such soaring popularity, people started giving attention to his love life as well. Thus, that is the reason why we bring all the details about his married life to you in this article.

John Pringle: Happily Married To Wife

John Pringle poses a picture with his son.

John Pringle and his wife Heidi Pringle share two kids.
Photo Source: Instagram

John Pringle is quite fortunate to replicate his professional life success in his acting career. The juvenile musician made a strong reputation from his journey in 'Southern Charm' which made his fan-following rise in an exponential ratio. Although Pringle's love life was under the radar in the past, the level of his privacy diminished once he grew popular. 

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John Pringle is happily married to a wife named Heidi Pringle. The love birds never liked to keep things regarding their married life out in open. The pair never disclosed details about the details about their wife or their wedding date. Following their marriage, they share two adorable kids. Over the course of their married life, the pair divide their time quite perfectly to be the best parents to their offsprings. 

John Pringle poses a photo with his wife Heidi Pringle.

John Pringle often posts photos on his Instagram with his wife Heidi.
Photo Source: Instagram

The 'Southern Charm' artist often shares pictures and his happenings with his adorable children and wife on his Instagram handle. Over 27,900 people follow him on the social media profile, where he did open up about his romantic orientation with a bio, 'Dad to two beautiful sons, songwriter, co-parent.' Judging by his behavior, he doesn't let his busy schedule deteriorate his valuable family time. 

John Pringle's Fame And Fortune Grew From Southern Charm

The past year has been extremely delightful for John Pringle as his appearance in 'Southern Charm' helped him be a top persona in the entertainment sector. He is a Charleston native who was the 7th generation in the Pringle family with ties with the historic mansion of Robert Pringle House of 1774. It's quite funny how many fans of the Bravo TV show assumed him to be connected to the favorite Pringles chips. In pursuit of his academics, John completed his education at the University of Georgia.

John Pringle caught on the camera with a his son.

John Pringle featured in the seventh season of Bravo TV's 'Southern Charm.'
Photo Source: Instagram

John Pringle was already popular as a singer and songwriter in the past. Besides that, he also held immense experience in working around the US stock market as an energy trader. Consequently, the talented musician gathers a whopping net worth of $1.5 million as of January 2021.

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