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Jon Najarian Net Worth 2020: Here's the Complete Breakdown

Published Wed Dec 30 2020 By Bran
Jon Najarian Net Worth 2020: Here's the Complete Breakdown

Grab all the details about the income source and net worth of Jon Najarian.

Jon Najarian is an inspiring personality in the corporate sector, especially incorporating the fact that he made a transition to the stock exchange from a footballing career. 

The former linebacker from Chicago Bears has spent over twenty-five years of his life as a member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange. In addition to that, he was also a member of the New York Stock Exchange, CBT, and CBOT.

The contributions of Jon Najarian to the stock exchange world have been extremely immense, considering how he developed several algorithms and frameworks. 

The whole journey from where the former athlete made a career switch to the investment sector is nothing but admirable. The ambitious journey not just helped him to make a name for himself but even garnered a colossal net worth. 

Go nowhere as we bring you all the details regarding the bank balance of the talented investment expert.

Jon Najarian's Colossal Net Worth

Jon Najarian poses a picture in his sweater.

Jon Najarian owns a staggering net worth of $50 million.
Photo Source: CNBC

When Jon Najarian decided to switch her career from being a successful pro player to becoming a core persona in the investment sector, many questioned his decision to be fruitful in the long run or not. 

However, Najarian was able to prove the doubters wrong as he started to trade on the CBOY and eventually found success. Specifically, he gathers a whopping net worth of $50 million as of December 2020. A significant source of Najarian's massive bank balance came from his investments as the co-founder of Optionmonster.

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Jon Najarian's introduction would be incomplete without mentioning the fact that he is the founder of Mercury Trading, a market-making firm in the CBOE. He later sold the firm to Citadel in 2004, in one of the largest hedge funds, and used their fund to found something even more special. 

Just a year later, he co-founded optionMONSTER, an options news and education company, and tradeMONSTER, an online brokerage firm with the reputation of Best for Options Traders. The two brotherly firms have been doing extremely well and enabled Jon to further focus on his other ventures too.

Jon Najarian poses a picture with his brothers.

Jon Najarian is a multi-millionaire and a cast member of Halftime Report.
Photo Source: Twitter

Jon Najarian and his brother made another joint investment in 2014 by buying a private equity firm named General Atlantic Partners. Furthermore, they even made the big decision to sell their venture, TradeMonster, to E*Trade for a staggering $750 million way back in 2016 

Jon Najarian's Lowkey Personal Life

Jon Najarian caught on the camera with clients.

Jon Najarian currently features as the cast member of CNBC's 'Fast Money.'
Photo Source: Benzinga

Since Jon Najarian achieved a lot of success in the showbiz sector, he was able to garner a lot of hype and attention, which made his lowkey romantic life quite transparent as well. 

Well, the millionaire is married to his longtime wife, Brigit Najarian. The love birds prefer to keep a low-profile of their love life, despite all the struggles. The blissful couple currently resides at their lavish house in Chicago, Illinois.

Jon Najarian also serves as an active investor of the Crypto community. In fact, he even participates in several Cryptocurrency related conferences across the globe. Moreover, he is also the co-founder of TCB Productions LLC and Najarian Advisors & Najarian Family Office.

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