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Kareem Hunt Net Worth in 2021: Here's the Complete Breakdown

Published Tue Jan 19 2021 By Bran
Kareem Hunt Net Worth in 2021: Here's the Complete Breakdown

Grab all the details regarding the net worth and finances of NFL star Kareem Hunt right here.

Kareem AJ Hunt, aka Kareem Hunt, is popular as the running back for the Cleveland Browns in the National Football League. The 25-year-old first rose into prominence at the highest level of the sport as he was the third-round pick of the Kansas City Chiefs in the third round of the 2017 NFL draft. You would be surprised to know how he led the charts in rushing yards, just to be selected to the Pro Bowl. 

The personal life of Kareem Hunt was full of drama, which led him to be released by his first team as a videotape leaked where he kicked a woman on the ground. Despite getting to such a low point, he never went short of confidence and burnt the midnight oil to come back strong. 

Today, the athlete has a bold and impressive resume in the NFL, which guarantees him a massive net worth. Stay right here as we bring you all the details regarding his finances.

Kareem Hunt's Whopping Net Worth As A Millionaire

Kareem Hunt caught on the camera.

Kareem Hunt gathers a staggering net worth of $7 million as of 2021.
Photo Source: Sporting News

When it comes to finances and net worth, Kareem Hunt has absolutely nothing to worry about, all thanks to his resounding professional career in the National Football League.

The muscular running back has proved to be a key asset for the Cleveland Browns in the past two seasons. In the 2020 season, the 25-year-old rushed for 48 years and 2 touchdowns in their 48-37 win.

With each passing season, the footballer started giving more improved and consistent performances, which kept on giving him more bargaining power to negotiate for better contracts.

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Getting more into the numbers, Kareem Hunt gathers a staggering net worth of $7 million as of January 2021. With a tag of a 'multi-millionaire' to his name, the American footballer can afford to live a lavish lifestyle around all sorts of modern-day amenities. 

The primary source of his income is transparent to everyone as it is his salary from his services as a player for the Cleveland Browns. In recent times, his value grew by an exponential ratio that helped him get a relatively better contract as well.

Kareem Hunt caught on the camera during a match.

Kareem Hunt is a running-back for Cleveland Browns.
Photo Source: Fans Sided

As per the reports, in 2020, Kareem Hunt earned a lucrative salary of $6 million per year. His bank balance is bound to grow in the years to come, as he still has a lot of playing years by his side unless injuries come to haunt him. 

As of now, his professional and personal life couldn't go more smoothly as Hunt is happily dating his girlfriend, Julianne Oser. Apart from his basic salary, the running-back also makes a significant fortune through advertisement, promotions, and bonuses.

Kareem Hunt Fell Under Several Legal Issues

Kareem Hunt might have earned the reputation as one fine talent on the football ground, but outside, he has a terrible track record. In fact, the former Cleveland Browns running-back has been a regular visitor at the police breach through some recurring criminal violations. 

Outside the court, his discipline record is straight bad as he has been alleged of assault thrice to this date. Interestingly, a video leaked on the internet where he was kicking a woman, which led his former team Kansas City Chief to release him. 

Kareem Hunt caught on the camera before a football match.

Kareem Hunt's video kicking a woman on the ground went viral on the internet.
Photo Source: NBC News

Following the videotaped incident, Kareem Hunt finally made a comeback on November 10, 2019. However, that didn't end his record with crimes as he was caught on other legal issues such as overspeeding and marijuana. 

While there is no doubt over his playing ability, the athlete does need to keep his head straight if he aspires to be one of the best in the whole sport.

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