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Who is Katey Sagal's Husband? Learn About Her Married Life

Published Sun Aug 29 2021 By Jessica
Who is Katey Sagal's Husband? Learn About Her Married Life

Inside Katey Sagal's Tumultuous Married Life: The Actress is Married to Her Fourth Husband!

Catherine Louis Sagal, aka Katey Sagal, had started her career as a singer-songwriter. She worked as a backing vocalist for singers like Bob Dylan and Tanya Tucker in the initial years. Few hit singles later, Sagal's career extended into acting. Her first major role was in the classic sitcom Mary.  

"Hopefully, this showbiz situation has taught us the power of asking for what you want, standing by something you believe in, and the power of unity," said Sagal, after ABC unexpectedly canceled the drama series Rebel. Sagal, 67, is married to her fourth husband. The 8 Simple Rules actress is a proud mother of three.

Truth About Katey Sagal's Ex-Husbands

The third time is a charm; the adage certainly didn't work for the LA-born actress. Sagal isn't a regular conventional star; the actress has done things that aren't deemed laudable in general. Sagal has married a total of four times. Her first husband was musician Freddie Beckmeier. They were married from 1978 to 1981.

Katey Sagal is an actor and singer-songwriter.

 Sagal has been married a total of four times. 
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Sagal was pursuing her singing and acting career simultaneously when she met musician, Fred Lombardo. The pair were married from 1986 to 1989. While she was experiencing a tumultuous phase in her conjugal life, her career, at least, wasn't following a bumpy path. When she nabbed the role of Peg Bundy in Married with Children, Sagal's career reached new heights.    

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Sagal's third marriage was perhaps her hardest. She married her third husband, a drummer, Jack White, in 1993, though Sagal got pregnant with their first child in 1991. The duo was struck by every parents' nightmare when their newborn, Ruby, was stillborn eight months into her pregnancy. "I couldn't wrap my head around it," said Katey.

Katey Sagal currently stars in 'The Connors.'

Sagal had her third child via surrogacy at 53. 
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However, the Rebel actress and her husband worked through the hardships; they went on to have two more children, a daughter named Sarah Grace and a son named Jackson James. The pair split ways in 2000, citing irreconcilable differences. The actress remained 'unmarried' but not single till 2004.  

Who is Katey Sagal's Current Husband?  

Sagal is currently married to her husband of 16 years, Kurt Sutter. He is a director, screenwriter, producer, and actor. The pair had tied the knots in 2010. Sagal's fourth husband is best known for creating Sons of Anarchy and its spin-off, Mayan M.C. In an interview years ago, Sagal had revealed she met Sutter via a mutual friend.  

Katey Sagal is a doting mother of three.

 The Rebel actress is happily married to her husband for 16 years. 
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"He asked me if I would have coffee with him some time, and I said yes. And then he called me couple of months later and asked me to a coffee, and we kind of never left each other after that," Katey revealed in an interview with E! Online. They got hitched in a private ceremony on October 2, 2004.   

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The couple welcomed Katey's third and Sutter's first child, a daughter, Esme Louise, on January 10, 2007, via surrogacy. Sagal, who was aged 52 at the time, said they had considered adoption at first. Sagal is currently playing Louise in the ABC sitcom The Connors. Sutter is working as a writer for the upcoming This Beast.

In addition, Katey and her husband live in California and purchased a new mansion designed by Arthur R. Kelly for $5.9 million in March 2022. Katey and her husband's newly-bought house features four bedrooms with bathrooms and is built on the land of 4,700-square-foot. Previously Katey and her partner owned another lavish home they bought for $3.7 million but sold to Rickey Minor for $3.77 million.

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