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Kelsi Taylor is in a Relationship with Dane Cook - How Long have the Couple Been Dating?

Published Wed Oct 16 2019 By Travis
Kelsi Taylor is in a Relationship with Dane Cook - How Long have the Couple Been Dating?

Kelsi Taylor is a singer and fitness instructor who is moderately popular on Instagram and someone who started out on YouTube as a cover singer and developed a slight fan following. She was never a great kid when it comes to studying, and creative avenues were more of her thing, which is why she moved from Nevada, her home, to California at the age of 12.

The singer was born on 26 October 1998 to her parents in Nevada and lived there for a while with her two elder siblings, a brother who is ten years older than her and a sister who is 13 years older. She talked about her siblings, helping her out in the early parts of her life.

Kelsi Taylor
Kelsi Taylor is a singer and personal trainer.

Source: Instagram

After she finished high school in California, Kelsi wanted to go to college, which she did for a while, but the whole thing became muddled for her, and instead, she focused more on her online presence and her singing career. And during a game-time party, she met the standup comedian Dane Cook in his home, and after initial friendship, the two started dating.

Meeting Dane Cook and Falling in Love

Kelsi Taylor and Dane Cook.

Dane Cook was born on 18 March 1972, and despite studying graphic designing in college, he wanted to be a standup comedian, and so he did with his career starting in 1990. The comedian was never able to find success in comedy starting out and bombed pretty hard, to the point of getting hit by shoes and lighters during a performance in Boston Garden.

Slowly he was able to carve a small spot for himself in the comedic world, and his first two comedy albums went Platinum and Double Platinum, respectively. He was finding fame and it was all because of his social media savvy which led the comedian to embrace the site MySpace to enlarge his fan base and which resulted in the comedian selling out Maddison Square Garden in 2014.

Kelsi Taylor and Dane Cook in Hawaii.
Dane Cook and Kelsi Taylor went on a vacation to Hawaii with their friends.

Source: Instagram

Dane Cook is known for hosting Game Nights at his home, and it was also the case around 2017, and a surprise guest made an appearance at his home. It was Kelsi Taylor, and the two struck up a friendship at first, and Dan said the two “fell in like with each other,” which resulted in their friendly relationship being upgraded to love.

They fell in love, and despite the fact, there are 26 years of difference between the couple, they seem to share a pretty loving relationship. The duo loves each other and recently went on a vacation to Hawaii in a private jet where the duo flaunted each other, and there was some serious level of PDA going on.

Kelsi Taylor and Dane Cook.
Dane Cook and Kelsi Taylor are in love for over two years.

Source: Instagram

But some people find it hard to swallow the age difference between the two, which was the reason he needed to come out and not really defend but put his case forward for why and how the two fell in love and age doesn’t really factor into the whole thing.

The Controversy of Dating Someone 26 Years Younger

Kelsi Taylor and Dane Cook.

Dane Cook is 47 years old, and Kelsi will be 21 in less than two weeks’ time, which means there are more than 26 years between the two, which is a cause for concern between the two. The couple started their relationship on 7 May 2017, and for more than two years, they’ve been together, but people were not kind when the duo started dating.

But no matter what anyone thought, they were not letting anyone take control of the relationship they share, which was precious and beautiful for them. She doesn’t care for the age difference; he started joking about the 26 years gap, which was their way of shutting people up and acknowledging it is sometimes weird to think about it.

Watch: The Kimmel video where Dane Cook talks about his girlfriend

During an interview with Kimmel, he joked, “Sometimes I actually find myself saying, ‘Where has she been all my life?’ and then I realize she wasn’t alive for the first 26 years of it.” He jokes about it, but he loves her, “Here’s the thing,” he continued. “I love her; she is the kindest, sweetest, just my favorite — my best friend.”

Their family shares no qualms on the situation, and everyone is fine with the two finding love in each other’s embrace, so if the two people involved are okay, the family is okay, then no one really matters.

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