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Khari Barbie Maxwell: The Story of Masika and Fetty's Cherished Child

Published Sat Oct 07 2023 By Bsgurung
Khari Barbie Maxwell: The Story of Masika and Fetty's Cherished Child

Khari Barbie Maxwell is the daughter of the well-known American rapper Fetty Wap and reality TV personality Masika Kalysha. She is their only child together. Khari has garnered quite a bit of attention in the world of celebrity children, with many fans eagerly keeping up with her parents' social media accounts to get updates on her life. 

Additionally, she has made a few appearances on her mother's reality show, "Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta." Even though she's just a child, Khari already boasts a substantial following on social media, and it's clear that she will continue to grow up in the public eye.

Is Khari Barbie Maxwell Dating? 

Khari Barbie Maxwell is still very young and has many years ahead of her to grow and develop. She is not at an age where she is physically or mentally prepared for romantic relationships. 

Khari Barbie Maxwell parents
Image: Khari Barbie Maxwell with her parents. Source: Bossip

At this point in her life, she is simply enjoying her childhood and dedicating her time to her education and personal growth.

Why did Khari Barbie's Dad and Mom get separated? 

Khari Barbie's parents, Masika Kalysha and Fetty Wap began dating in 2016 but separated in the same year. Their relationship was marked by several public disputes and conflicts.

During their time apart, Masika accused Fetty Wap of being an absentee father and not actively participating in their daughter's life. There were also allegations that Fetty Wap was involved with Alexis Skyy when Masika was pregnant.

Despite their differences, it's worth noting that Fetty Wap was present for the birth of Khari. However, at present, Masika Kalysha is raising their daughter as a single mother and devoting her full attention to her upbringing.

Mother, Masika Kalysha Relationship Status

Masika Kalysha, a single mother to Khari Barbie Maxwell, was previously in a long-term relationship with rapper Fetty Wap, with whom she shares her daughter. 

However, details about their relationship after their separation are scarce. Currently, Masika is engaged to Jamar Champ, an author and entrepreneur from Houston, Texas. 

Prior to Fetty Wap, she also dated James Rashid and musician Yung Berg. While her romantic history has been diverse, her focus now is on raising her daughter and planning a future with her fiancé, Jamar Champ.

Father Got Divorced in 2020

In early 2018, model Alexis Skyy claimed that Fetty Wap was the father of her daughter, Alaiya. However, in 2019, Fetty Wap publicly denied being Alaiya's biological father but expressed his commitment to being a father figure to her. 

Khari Barbie Maxwell siblings
Image: Khari Barbie Maxwell with her sibling and mother. Source: Instagram

In December 2020, it was revealed that Brandon Medford is Alaiya's biological father. In January 2017, a sex tape involving Fetty Wap was leaked. Fetty appeared on VH1's Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood's third season, showcasing his strained relationship with Masika Kalysha. 

He was also featured on Love & Hip Hop: New York's ninth season, highlighting his difficulties with Alexis Skyy. In September 2019, Fetty Wap privately married model Leandra K. Gonzalez, but they officially divorced a year later.

Has Khari Barbie Maxwell Passed Away? 

It's crucial to exercise caution regarding the spread of false rumors about celebrities, including their children. In the case of Khari Barbie Maxwell, there are no credible reports of her passing. In July 2021, Fetty Wap's four-year-old daughter, Lauren, tragically passed away. 

TMZ reported that her death certificate cited complications from a congenital heart arrhythmia as the cause of death. However, Lauren's mother, Turquoise Miami, stated on Instagram in August 2021 that the precise cause of her daughter's death had not yet been fully determined. 

Father, Fetty Wap Sentenced To Prison For Six Years

Fetty Wap has faced a series of legal troubles over the years, including lawsuits related to copyright infringement, defamation, property damage, and assault. 

On November 2, 2017, he was arrested in Brooklyn, and charged with drunk driving, reckless endangerment, illegal lane changes, and drag racing. More recently, on October 29, 2021, he was indicted on federal drug charges, arrested at Citi Field, and pleaded not guilty. 

He was released on a $500,000 bond on November 5, 2021, but returned to jail on August 8, 2022, for violating pretrial release terms. On August 22, 2022, he pled guilty and was sentenced to six years in prison on May 24, 2023, in New York.

The Real Reason Behind Khari Barbie Maxwell's Name

Khari Barbie Maxwell's mother, Masika, wanted to give her daughter an African name with a strong and meaningful significance. Khari means "queenly" and symbolizes her future as a potential queen who brings joy and happiness into her mother's life. 

It also signifies "a joyful song," reflecting her musical heritage as both her parents are artists. Additionally, Barbie was added for a playful and iconic name that she could carry with her as she grew older. Masika's choice reflects a blend of tradition and fun in naming her daughter.

Khari Barbie Maxwell is an Instagram Influencer and Entrepreneur

Despite her young age, Khari manages an Instagram page with over 100,000 followers, managed by her mother. In first grade, she dislikes naps and enjoys playtime. Her posts include a smiling portrait in her school uniform, embracing her natural curls. 

Khari also has a cosmetics line named after her, Khari Barbie Beauty, established by her mother in 2016. The line offers luxury cosmetics that are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and paraben-free, yet affordably priced. 

Khari Barbie Maxwell instagram
Image: Khari Barbie Maxwell is an American Instagram star. Source: Instagram

Masika, Khari's mother, initiated the business to instill the values of hard work, integrity, and honesty in her daughter while nurturing her passions. 

They promote their products on Instagram through various sales and promotions, like a "buy one, get one free" offer for Easter in 2021 and Mother's Day hair oil promotions in the same year.

How Old is Khari Barbie Maxwell Now? 

Khari Barbie Maxwell, born on March 29, 2016, in Los Angeles, California, arrived into the world weighing 7 lbs 1 oz at 6:07 in the morning. 

Her name, Khari, carries the meaningful African significance of "queenly and happy." Having recently celebrated her 6th birthday, she is a citizen of the USA and her ethnicity is Afro-American.

Celebrates Birthday With The Family

Despite initial doubts about Khari's paternity, rapper Fetty Wap and his daughter Khari have formed a strong and affectionate bond. Their close relationship is evident on Khari's social media, where he frequently makes appearances. 

In one picture, Khari clings to her dad as they spend quality time together, her engrossed in her tablet. On their shared June 7 birthday, Khari celebrated with a cake-smearing photo, shedding tears after the messy fun. 

They've been seen coloring together in a video where Khari humorously mentioned using their "magical powers" for coloring. Her fifth birthday was special, as her parents celebrated together, with Fetty Wap singing her a heartwarming birthday song and a surprise.

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