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Kniko Howard: Draya Michele's Son and the Essence of Young Elegance

Published Sun Nov 26 2023 By Bsgurung
Kniko Howard: Draya Michele's Son and the Essence of Young Elegance

Draya Michele, a versatile figure in modeling, acting, and fashion, is the mother of Kniko Howard. While Draya gained fame, Kniko's father, revealed to be a hairdresser in Pennsylvania, remained initially undisclosed. Amid rumors, Kniko Howard, an Instagram star, eventually confirmed his father's identity. 

Despite Draya working multiple jobs as a single mother, she faced accusations of being a bad parent, unfounded and deemed as silly. The challenges she faced did not diminish her dedication to raising her son, Kniko Howard.

Is Kniko Howard's Biological Son of Gilbert Arenas? 

Draya Michele initially kept silent about the identity of her son Kniko Howard's father, leading to speculation. While in a relationship with ex-NBA player Gilbert Arenas, rumors circulated that he was Kniko's real father. 

Kniko Howard mother
Image: Kniko Howard with his mother, Draya Michele at the award show. Source: UPI

Arenas denied this, claiming they first met in 2008, introduced by a teammate. Amid accusations of a $20,000 payment to keep it quiet, he challenged tabloids to prove it, pledging $1 million to charity if validated. 

Despite continued rumors, no evidence surfaced. In 2016, Basketball Wives' Jennifer Williams alleged Arenas was Kniko's father, citing a leaked email during TV One's The Next 15 premiere.

Mother, Draya Michele Got Pregnant At Age Seveteen

Actress Draya Michele dispelled long-standing rumors about Kniko Howard's father, revealing the truth a day after Jennifer's claim. Michele disclosed she got pregnant at 17 by a man imprisoned for 10 years when she was 7 months pregnant. 

She emphasized the impossibility of conceiving with Gilbert Arenas in 2002, citing her youth and living in a small PA city. Draya refuted claims of receiving child support, asserting she didn't waste years working in clubs if she had athlete support. The revelation clarified her past and dismissed speculations surrounding Kniko's paternity.

Father, Kniko Sr. REvealed

Actress Draya Michele, addressing rumors about her son Kniko Howard's father, revealed the truth about Kniko Sr., who is her former boyfriend and currently works as a barber in Pennsylvania.

Emphasizing that her son is named after his father, she expressed embarrassment over the situation. Draya clarified she never claimed anyone other than Kniko Sr. as the father, denouncing ongoing speculation. 

Frustrated by having to address the issue, she asserted her intention to bring it to a final resolution and urged to keep children out of such matters. Michele emphasized the need to speak one's truths while maintaining privacy.

Is Draya Michele a Bad Mother? 

In 2017, Draya Michele faced criticism for refusing to sign her son's homework due to frustration with his speech therapy, sparking backlash. Fans accused her of being an irresponsible mother. 

This wasn't the first time Michele drew negative attention; in 2010, she made headlines for endangerment after allegedly leaving her son alone in an unguarded home in Wyomissing while working in Philadelphia. 

Arrested and released on $25,000 bail by District Judge Ann L. Young, the incident added to the media scrutiny surrounding Michele's parenting, despite her later efforts to address and dispel rumors about her mothering skills.

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How Many Siblings Does Kniko Howard Have? 

Kniko Howard has a younger half-brother named Jru Scandrick from his mother's past relationship with NFL cornerback Orlando Scandrick. 

Despite a period of engagement, Draya Michele and Orlando Scandrick did not proceed to a wedding, marking the conclusion of their relationship. 

Jru Scandrick was born in 2016, and the dynamics of Michele's personal life, including engagements and subsequent separations, have been part of her public narrative.

Get To Know Kniko Howard Age

While Kniko Howard's exact date of birth remains undisclosed, estimations suggest he would be around 20 in 2023, based on his mother's statement about being 17 when pregnant. 

Spending much of his childhood in Pennsylvania, he currently resides with his mother in Los Angeles. Kniko is of African-American descent, which contributes to his nationality. 

The details about his life are limited, as he has been kept away from significant public attention, in contrast to the public profile of his mother, Draya Michele.

Kniko Howard's Net Worth in 2023

Kniko Howard's mother, Draya, is a reality TV personality and model with a net worth of $600,000 as of 2023. Her wealth has been augmented significantly by the success of her swimwear and clothing line ventures.

Gilbert Arenas NBA
Image: Gilbert Arenas during his NBA career. Source: Bleacher Report

On the other hand, his father, Gilbert Arenas, boasts an estimated net worth of $20 million according to Celebrity Net Worth in 2023, complemented by an annual salary exceeding $19.2 million. The financial standing of both parents reflects their success in their respective fields.

Height and Weight

Kniko is of a stature measuring 5 feet 7 inches, accentuated by captivating black eyes and stylish short, curly brown hair.

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