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Kroy Biermann Adopted Daughter Brielle Biermann; Who is her Biological Father?

Published Mon Sep 09 2019 By Travis
Kroy Biermann Adopted Daughter Brielle Biermann; Who is her Biological Father?

'Dancing With the Stars of Atlanta', a charity benefit to help people with Alzheimer’s disease was the place when Kroy Biermann met his future wife, Kim Zolciak. Kim was a member of the Real Housewives of Atlanta when the two met and all of a sudden there was an instant connection between the 2008 154 overall draft pick and the mother of two. The meeting was a huge event on the Real Housewives TV show, and everything just picked up the pace for the two.

The couple’s son, Kroy Jagger, was born on 31 May 2011 and soon after the first child the former NFL linebacker and the reality star on Bravo TV married in their $3 million mansion in Roswell, Georgia on 11 November 2011. The ceremony was beautiful because the brute offered his two stepdaughters, the ring and welcomed them into the family. Soon the couple welcomed their second child, son Kash Kade on 15 August 2012 and a year later on 25 November 2013; the couple was the happy parents of twins Kaia Rose and Kane Ren. But before the two welcomed the third and fourth child, Kroy asked his two daughters to be his daughter legally.

Kim and Kroy get married,
Kroy and Kim got married in 2011 in Georgia.

Brielle and Ariana were Kim’s children from a previous relationship, and for a long time, the father was out of the picture, which resulted in Kroy asking the girls to be his daughters legally. After filing the legal documents in March 2013, the adoption was finalized in July of 2013, and by the end of the year, the whole family was a family of eight. The two girls took the last name of their legal father, and the biological dad was officially forgotten.

Brielle’s Biological Father Is AWOL In The Public Eye While Her First Step-Father Was Up To No Good

Daniel D. Toce

It was 1997 when Kim gave birth to her first daughter Brielle, to this day the father of Brielle is a mystery to everyone with neither the father coming forward nor the mother and daughter even speaking their name. All we know from Kim's first relationship was she was not married and the Brielle was the result of the her relationship with an ex-boyfriend.

Kim Zolciak married Daniel D. Toce in Destin, Florida on September of 2001 the wedding took place on a beach and the couple were happily married for over a year when Kim gave birth to her second and the couple's first and only daughter Arianna Lenee was born, the couple was already the parents of Brielle Karenna and by the end of 2003. Brielle’s and Arianna’s biological father were both out of the picture. Daniel and Kim decided to call it quits on their relationship, and it then Daniel spiraled out of control, and his life turned into a living hell for himself and the people around him.

The Reason For Divorce From Toce

Daniel D. Toce

While the two were married, source close to the family said Daniel cheated on his wife multiple times, and this resulted in the family being separated and Toce’s dive into criminal activities. Toce was arrested for stealing, and his biggest crime was revealed in 2010, which caused Kim to cut-off all the contact between Brielle, Arianna, and their first step-father.

Daniel D. Toce’s ten-year Conviction For Sexual Assault Of A Minor


In 2010 a report was filed with the police, which stated Daniel Toce abused a minor who was only 15 years old at the time. Family members told the police the man Toce, who was the step-father of the minor engaged in sexual contact with her on multiple occasions. The police went to question the minor and came away with a report where the girl denied all the allegation against her step-father. Even though the police thought something was wrong, they were unable to act with the statement the minor made.

But everything changed when the girl went to the police a couple of weeks later and told then she felt threatened by her step-father and she felt danger for her life which resulted in the previous statement. When she gave the police another report of the incident, she said Toce first kissed her on a campsite and then the kissing turned into sexual intercourse after a few weeks.

Daniel Toce's family before he and Kim got divorced.

Source: Tipmyshow

There was no birth control involved, which resulted in the victim being pregnant in 2010, the victim’s mother found out about it, but she already knew Toce and her daughter were engaged in sexual activity. According to the victim, her mother kicked her on the stomach while she was pregnant after her step-father arrived home and forced her to get an abortion because if she gave birth, then Toce would be sent to prison.

The victim was forcibly made to get an abortion, and in October 2010, a judge issued an arrest warrant for the offender. He was arrested by the police and pleaded guilty to predatory sexual charges in 2011, which resulted in him getting sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Daniel D. Toce
Daniel was released from jail after only serving two years of a ten years sentence.

Source: Panda Gossips

But after only two years inside the prison, Toce was registered as a sex offender for life and released on probation. After the early release of Toce, the victim said, “Did I deserve what happened to me? Absolutely not!”

After getting beaten, slapped, kicked, and severely injured the justice victim got was just a two-year sentence in prison.

Kim’s Reaction


After it became public knowledge, Daniel sexually assaulted a minor, Kim cut off all contacts between herself and her former husband. The case also resulted in Kim stopping all contact between Daniel and her daughters. Considering what he did to someone else’s daughter, it was the right decision by Kim.

Kim and Kroy are happily married now and considering all the money he made from playing football and Kim receiving a yearly salary of almost $300,000 a year from RHOA back in the day, all of the earnings resulted in investment which allowed Kim to amass a net worth of $2 million and now she is working with her daughter Brielle to launch their own perfume line which is sure to set up herself and her daughter’s life nicely. Brielle and Arianna got their new dad, and they seem happy with where they are now. No biological dad needed!