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Len Goodman Removes Skin Cancer From Face

Published Mon Aug 24 2020 By Kenshinpark
Len Goodman Removes Skin Cancer From Face

Len Goodman removed a skin cancer from his face, following which UK based charity thanked him for helping raise the awareness on 'Melanoma.'

Len Goodman, one of the judges of the celebrity reality dancing show, "Dancing With the Stars," is known for his good heart; he really is a good man, people just love him for him.

Len recently revealed he had his skin cancer removed from the face, but many don't know about this kind of cancer, so he not just removed it but also helped in raise awareness of this disease known as 'Melanoma.'

len goodman melanoma.

Len Goodman shared a photo at a golf club, pointing to the area where skin cancer was removed.
Photo Source: Facebook

One of the UK based charities, 'The Melanoma Fund,' thanked the star judge by sharing the news on their Facebook page.

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The charity, on their Facebook page, wrote,

"Len Goodman has asked us to keep ‘spreading the word’ re: sun protection for golf. he ex-BBC Strictly Come Dancing judge was playing a few rounds with our ambassador Paul Way at The Grove - a Sun Protection Accredited club, and revealed he has just had skin cancer removed."

The statement further read, 

"He wanted us to use this image to inspire others to take the issue seriously!"

After a week, The Melanoma fund updated its followers with a follow-up report, and wrote, 

"We have had incredible traction from this post with thousands of you being concerned, but inspired to react, by the news of Len Goodman’s skin cancer treatment."

melanoma fund.

The Melanoma fund thanked Len for helping raise awareness.
Photo Source: Facebook

The statement further added, 

"Thank you Len for being so open to share this with us. It really helps people understand it can happen to anyone!"

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