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What is Liu Yifei's Net Worth in 2021? Learn all the Details Here

Published Tue Jul 20 2021 By Tashipalmo
What is Liu Yifei's Net Worth in 2021? Learn all the Details Here

Liu Yifei's Net Worth Uncovered: How Rich is She in 2021?  

Crystal Liu aka, Liu Yifei is a Chinese-American actress, model, singer. She got the best notices for playing the titular character in Walt Disney's live-action film Mulan. Following a huge success in Chinese television series, Liu turned to the bigger screen and then aimed for projects in Hollywood.

By 2014, she was doing international collaborations, and today, her fame isn't limited to her native. Liu was born on August 25, 1987, in Wuhan, Hubei. She is a graduate of Beijing Film Academy. Some of her notable credits are The Story of Noble Family, Chinese Paladin, and many more.  

How Much is Liu Yifei Valued at in 2021?  

Liu Yifei's father, An Shaokang, was ranked the 23rd richest man in China in 2002. After her parents got divorced when Liu was 10, she was raised solely by her mother. The actress lived an opulent lifestyle nonetheless. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Liu Yifei's net worth in 2021 is estimated to be a whopping $10 million.

Liu Yifei is a Chinese-American actress, singer and model.

 Liu Yifei's father is one of the richest names in China, and the actress herself also boasts a striking figure. 
Photo Source: Vulture

She may have had the privilege of a better start, but there is no denying, her staggering fortune is an accumulation of her years of hard work. In 2009, she was named one of the four Dan actresses of China, a title given to most bankable performers. She has been active in Han cinema since 2002.  

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Most of Yifei's wealth has stemmed from her extensive credits in her native. Her roles in projects like The Assasins, The Third Way of Love, Night Peacock Never Gone have endowed her multiple accolades and fat paychecks. Yifei also rakes hefty figures from her several endorsement deals.    

Liu Yifei gain international recognition after played Mulan.

Liu Yifei rakes hefty figures from her several brand endorsements deals. 
Photo Source: EW

In 2015, the Mulan star was named the first Chinese ambassador for Dior prestige. The same year she signed a deal with Tissot and became its global brand ambassador. Her notable feat in modelling had also landed her a deal with Adidas. However, she later cut ties with Adidas.

Liu Yifei's Career Highlights and More!   

According to Hollywood Reporter, Liu and her mother had immigrated to America when she was 10. A young Liu perfected her English and then moved back home to pursue a career in entertainment. Her early small-screen drama, The Story of a Noble Family, earned her raving reviews.   

Liu Yifei's net worth is estimated to be $10 million.

Liu Yifei reportedly beat 1000 actresses to get the role of Mulan. Photo Source: TOI

Yifei was able to attain excellence in small-screen over a short span. She won the Macau International Movie award and Chinese Film Media Award for two of her small-screen roles. Yifei further expanded her fanbase in 2014, when she romanced Rain, a popular Korean actor, in For Love or Money.    

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Liu has worked in several Hollywood productions like 2014's Outcast and The Forbidden Kingdom opposite Jackie Chan, and Jet Li. Yifei reportedly beat 1000 actresses to become Disney poster girl. She is also an accomplished singer. Her best-loved albums are All my Words, Liu Yifei.  

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