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Love Island Sees Worst Sex Drought In Years As No Couple's Done It Yet!

Published Mon Jul 08 2019 By Travis
Love Island Sees Worst Sex Drought In Years As No Couple's Done It Yet!

People getting under the sheets is a staple in Love Island but this year the show is suffering the worst sex drought ever.

Bunch of hot dudes and girls inside a villa, near the beach, and summertime is the recipe for crazy sex. But it seems this year’s contestants on Love Island didn’t get the memo as it appears no one is having sex on the show.

Love Island contestants sit around near a fire.
People seem to be not interest in having sex this season on Love Island. (Source: YouTube)

This is the worst sex drought the show has ever faced, and with only three weeks to go, it seems no one is jumping on the bed and getting under the bed to do the deed.

The show is famous for showing people getting between the sheets and doing the saucy deed, but this year, it seems no one is really interested and is okay doing just “bits.”

This is something very new for the show where people get cozy as late as three weeks into the show. But this is really getting weird now as the show is about to end and we have seen only kisses and touches and grazes and somewhat semi saucy moments.

Amy and Curtis cuddle inside the hideaway.
Amy and Curtis were the first to get in the hideaway. (Source: Mirror)

The viewers are seeing something new this year because last year it only took Megan Barton-Hanson and Eyal Booker just three weeks to jump into bed. Before that in 2017 it took only two weeks for Jess Shears and Dom Lever to bump bellies.

It is normal for the show’s contestants to wait until they get inside the hideaway to get playful with each other, but most of the contestant that have made their way into the room have come out saying that the only did “bits.”

This year, it was Amy and Curtis who made their way into the hideaway first, but they only cuddled, and nothing happened beyond that.

Watch: Amy and Curtis get close inside the hideaway

The couple that went into the room next didn’t even get inside as Maura and Tom had a great fight and she refused to also go in with him.

Watch: Maura and Tom have a fiery row

Next, it was Molly-Mae who went in with Tommy first and then with Curtis, but they were busy getting baths and didn’t even spend the night together.

Molly-Mae has said that she only did bits with Tommy, but they were far from getting the deed done.

It may seem that the couples are not having sex, but it is not all that it seems when you dive deep into what is really happening behind the scene. You can see Lucy Donlan’s breast with what appeared to be a bite mark, you don’t get that by just doing bits.

Lucy Donlan with what appears to be a  bite mark on her breast.
Lucy Donlan with what appears to be a bite mark. (Source: ITv2)

Reports came out last year that the studio heads wanted the show to be a little less on the action inside the villa and to curb people seen having sex on the show, the heads introduced a new rule to control some amount of sex on screen.

The rule is simple; if the couple doesn’t talk about their shared sexual experience on camera, then their deeds inside the room won’t be shown on screen. The rule means that the couples are definitely having sex inside the villa, but because they are tightly lipped about their late night escapades, it is harder for us to know who is really doing it. So, as long as the couples stay tight-lipped about their sexual experiences, then we have to consider this the biggest drought of sex on the show.