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Madison Nelson Net Worth - Find Out How Rich the Blogger is

Published Sun Apr 19 2020 By Bran
Madison Nelson Net Worth - Find Out How Rich the Blogger is

The gorgeous Madison Nelson made a name for herself from the combo of her delightful stories and trips in her blog. Let's see how much did that contribute to her net worth.

American diva, Madison Nelson, is a source of inspiration to everyone around the world, as she decided to launch her blog, which became an instant hit. Aged 28, the diva grew up in the birth town of Charlotte, North Carolina, to happily married parents, who complete their 32 years together. Interestingly, her lifestyle comprised of all the adventures and travels, be it with long drives to other towns, or swimming, or even a mission trip to Brazil during the junior year. In fact, it was all these moments, which showed her the light to share her stories with a blog, inspiring millions of readers all over the world.

Once Madison Nelson made the blog in June 2018, it was the journal that did all the talking and brought global exposure and fame to her. She chose the online media to share all her daily happenings, which even gave her the golden opportunity to earn a little. So, without wasting much time, let us get to know how much the diva makes through her blog.

How Much is Madison Nelson's Net Worth?

Madison Nelson in a red shirt and pant poses for a picture.

Madison Nelson accumulates a staggering net worth of $500,000 as of 2020.
Photo Source: Madison Nelson Instagram

Ever wondered how much a blogger makes? If you are as successful as Madison Nelson, then you might earn around $32,800, the average salary of a blogger in the industry. Thanks to her live blog, she currently makes a staggering six-digit net worth of $500,000. And, considering her young age and potential to grow in the years to come, the day isn't far when her value reaches the one million mark. 

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As per Glassdoor, many full-time bloggers could make over $200,000 per year, and Madison Nelson earns an estimated figure. The diva set her own entrepreneurial venture through the digital medium as she sells different baby accessories, toys, and make-up kits through her blog and Instagram.

Madison Nelson: Popular From Her Blog

The good-looking Madison Nelson started the blog called 'HeyMadinelson' in 2020 as space for her to share her own journey and thoughts. The diva shares all the life happenings, her fashion, and bargain shopping tips in the online media. Whether it is skincare tips or health guidelines, fans are accustomed to her honest thoughts and writings on the site. 

Madison Nelson in a purple dress poses besides a swimming pool.

Madison Nelson started her blog in June 2018.
Photo Source: Madison Nelson Instagram

Besides the blog, she established her own venture, titled Shop Talulah, where she sells quality and affordable clothing pieces and different accessories. Thanks to her unique idea, she grew so famous that she has over 349,000 followers today.

Madison Nelson: Happily Married to David Nelson

Alongside her resounding success in her professional life, Madison Nelson is quite fortunate to replicate similar luck in her personal life. Regarding her love life, she tied the knot with her long-time lover, David Nelson. The two dated for quite a while and even traveled to several camps together before making the big decision to exchange their vows.

David Nelson and blogger Madison Nelson tied the knot in June 2017.
Photo Source: Madison Nelson Instagram

Call it destiny or coincidence, but Nelson met with her husband at the organization she applied to volunteer at Haiti. More interestingly, she was dating another guy at that time, with whom she shared an on-off relationship, but remained good friends with David. Surprisingly, she got engaged to her boyfriend instead, as he traveled all the way from the States to Haiti to propose him, even though she saw no future with him. But, gradually, one thing led to another, and as David and Madison spent quite a lot of time at Haiti in camps, they got involved in a romantic moment, which changed everything. Consequently, she broke her engagement and dated her current husband instead.

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The two tied the knot on June 9, 2017, and traveled the following months around the world to embark a family together. Luckily, their efforts were successful as they gave birth to their first son on April 18, 2018. Recently, she became a mother of another child, a daughter this time, Noah Nelson, on October 10, 2019.

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