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Malika Andrews: An Insightful Voice in NBA Reporting

Published Tue Jun 27 2023 By Bsgurung
Malika Andrews: An Insightful Voice in NBA Reporting

Malika Andrews is a prominent sports journalist and reporter known for her work in the field of basketball. Born on January 28, 1995, she has quickly risen to prominence and established herself as a respected voice in sports media. 

Andrews currently works for ESPN, where she covers the NBA and contributes to various programs, including "SportsCenter" and "Get Up!" Her great deeds have helped her to achieve recognition in the industry. With her passion for basketball and dedication to her craft, Malika Andrews continues to make a significant impact in sports journalism.

Is Malika Andrews Married? Know About Malika's Husband and Boyfriend

Malika Andrews, the ESPN reporter, and journalist, is currently not married and has never been in a marital union. However, there has been speculation about her engagement after she was seen wearing a ring on her finger. 

Malika Andrews boyfriends
Image: Malika Andrews with her colleagues. Source: Instagram

Fans have been intrigued by this development and have been eagerly searching for more information, although no official confirmation has been made. 

As of now, the details regarding Malika Andrews' relationship status and the significance of the ring remain unverified. Her personal life continues to be a subject of curiosity among her followers and supporters.

Is Malika Andrews Engaged to Dave McMenamin?

Malika Andrews, the ESPN reporter, has maintained privacy regarding her dating life, and there is no public confirmation about her relationship status. However, in 2022, speculation arose when she was linked with her colleague, Dave McMenamin, an NBA reporter for ESPN. 

Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin are dating
Image: Malika Andrews with Dave McMenamin together. Source: Twitter

The rumors began circulating after they were photographed together at an event in 2021. The speculation gained further momentum when Malika was seen wearing a ring on her finger. 

Despite the curiosity from fans, neither Malika nor Dave has addressed the rumors or provided any clarification. The supposed relationship continues to be a subject of interest and speculation among their followers.

Past Affairs and Relationships

In addition to the rumors surrounding her relationship with Dave McMenamin, Malika Andrews was previously linked to Richard Jefferson in 2020. However, like other speculations, this remained a rumor and has not been confirmed to date. 

Malika has chosen to keep her personal life private, and she has not publicly addressed any of these alleged relationships. Fans and the media have been curious about her romantic life. 

But without official confirmation, these rumors remain speculative and unverified. Malika Andrews continues to focus on her successful career as an ESPN host and reporter.

Who is Malika Andrews's Sister? 

Malika Andrews, an American national, comes from a diverse background with Jewish and Afro-American heritage. Her father, Mike, worked as a personal trainer, while her mother, Caren, pursued a career as an art teacher. 

Malika Andrews sister, Kendra Andrews
Image: Malika Andrews with her sister, Kendra Andrews together. Source: Instagram

Malika also has a younger sister named Kendra Andrews, who is an accomplished journalist known for her work as a host for NBC Sports Bay Area, particularly covering the Golden State Warriors. 

In December 2021, ESPN hired Kendra to contribute her expertise in covering the Golden State Warriors, further highlighting the family's presence in the sports journalism industry.

Malika Andrews Becaames First Woman To Host The NBA

Malika Andrews made history on the 50th anniversary of Title IX, becoming the first woman to host the NBA Draft. As the host of ESPN's "NBA Today," Andrews expressed her excitement in a promotional video, stating that the opportunity was beyond words. 

At 27 years old, she had previously hosted the NBA Draft Lottery in May, which she considered to be great training for the main event. Andrews shared the stage with notable figures such as Kendrick Perkins, Jay Bilas, Adrian Wojnarowski, Bobby Marks, and Mike Schmitz

In recognition of her talent and contribution to sports broadcasting, Andrews was honored with the Sports Emmy for Outstanding Personality/Emerging On-Air Talent, surpassing former NFL stars-turned-broadcasters Julian Edelman, Eli Manning, and Greg Olsen.

Career Glimpse and Awards Received

Malika Andrews is a prominent sports reporter and host, known for her work with ESPN. She began her career with internships at the Denver Post and The New York Times and later worked as a reporter for the Chicago Tribune. Joining, she covered teams like the Chicago Bulls, Milwaukee Bucks, New York Knicks, and Brooklyn Nets. 

Malika Andrews became first woman to host NBA
Image: Malika Andrews hosting NBA in style. Source: Instagram

Andrews gained attention for her coverage of the 2019 Eastern Conference Finals and her reporting during the NBA Bubble in 2020. She has been recognized for her contributions to sports journalism, receiving nominations and awards, including an Emmy in 2022. 

Andrews has appeared on various ESPN shows and was named one of Forbes' 30 Under 30 in the sports industry. In 2021, she took on the role of ABC's sideline reporter for the NBA Finals. Andrews continues to make a significant impact in the field of sports reporting.

Net Worth of Malvika Adrews in 2023

Malika Andrews, the 28-year-old host, and journalist for ESPN, has established herself as a prominent figure in the sports broadcasting industry. 

The success of the show has contributed significantly to her earnings, with sources estimating her annual income to be around $27,000 to $187, 200. As of 2023, the NBA host has a net worth of $1 Million. Andrews' talent, dedication, and popularity have propelled her career and made her the youngest African-American female journalist at ESPN.

Hosting her own show, NBA Today, Andrews has had the opportunity to work alongside notable basketball players and personalities like Kendrick Perkins, Vince Carter, and Richard Jefferson

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