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Who is Marilee Talkington's Husband? How was their Wedding? Grab Details of her Married Life!

Published Wed Sep 25 2019 By Travis
Who is Marilee Talkington's Husband? How was their Wedding? Grab Details of her Married Life!

Marilee Talkington is a blind actress who made her career in the theatre. She is not totally blind, but according to the test conducted, she was named legally blind. She is an award-winning actress who made her career while performing on the stage and also recently made her first appearance in a TV show, 'NCIS.' She played a blind witness on her guest appearance on the show and the episode aired in 2018. After her arrival on the show, the actress appeared in three other series, 'New Amsterdam,' 'In the Dark' and 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.'

Though only appearing on TV one year ago, she was soon hired to play in one of the biggest shows coming this fall. 'SEE' is a series coming from Apple TV+ and Marilee was hired to play the character of ‘Souter Box’ in the post-apocalyptic drama. Not only an actress but also a writer, she wrote and created more than 80 characters from off-Broadway shows to Tony-nominated characters.

Marilee Talkington sits on the hardwood floor with her feet folder under her.
Marilee Talkington made her career in theater but moved to TV shows and movies recently.

Source: wikiFeet

While she is enjoying her life in movies, TVs and Theater, the actress also enjoys a blissful married life with her husband. Her Instagram is all about the husband and wife getting close and love-dovy with one another.

Who is Marilee Talkington’s Husband?

Marilee Talkington and Andrew Meisel sleeping together.

Marilee Talkington was working as an actress when she met Andrew Meisel for the first time. They quickly fell in love with each other and wedding bells was soon in order when the Marilee walked down the aisle and got married to the man of her dream on 31 March 2012.

When the couple first met, it was almost meant to be and the two bonded over their collective love of science and fiction. While she wrote her screenplays and stage scripts, her husband cooked her meals and read her stories. Now love is something precarious, and people need to work on it every single hour of every single day and the even though Marilee is busy most of the time, her loving husband makes up the effort for the both of them.

Andrew Meisel looking in the camera with his hands in front.
Andrew Meisel and Marilee Talkington got married seven years ago.

Source: Instagram

It is probably the reason why the relationship between the two lasted this long, while the other person was busy the one staying home and waiting was putting in the effort to make sure they are together. The couple took the time and worked on their relationship, compromised and made sure the flaws were worked on and not pointed at all the time.

The wedding pictures for the couple are not available but going by the relationship the two enjoy, it must’ve been under a beautiful San Francisco sun with the air flowing in and the flowers making the whole place naturally shine on a sunny day. The beautiful bride walked down and made her way to the altar, where Andrew was waiting to give her his vows and make her his forever.

Marilee Talkington is Playing the Character of Souter Box in SEE

Jason Momoa as Baba Voss in the trailer of the first season of SEE.

SEE is going to be event TV when it arrives on 1 November and considering most of the characters are playing blind in the series it was inevitable for the series casting people to hire blind people for the show. With Marilee, they hit a jackpot of acting talent and also the fact she is blind, made her the perfect candidate to portray a character in the show.

She will be playing the role of ‘Souter Box’ in the series, and it will be one epic ride for the ages considering the talent in from and behind the camera involved in the series. We are excited about how they are going to portray the whole new idea on screen; this will be one heck of a ride.

Watch: The first trailer for the first season of SEE coming to Apple TV+

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