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Who is Marty Walsh Girlfriend? Here's What You Should Know

Published Fri Jan 15 2021 By Bran
Who is Marty Walsh Girlfriend? Here's What You Should Know

Grab all the details about the married and love life of Boston's long-running mayor, Marty Walsh.

Marty Walsh is one of America's top personalities in the political landscape, especially in the scenario of Boston. Over most of the past decade, he served in the prestigious position as the 54th mayor of Boston since 2014. That doesn't limit his strong resume since he previously served as a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives for a total of seventeen years. 

Marty Walsh has an incredible flex to begin 2021, and it is the fact that he was selected by the president-elect, Joe Biden, to serve as the United States Secretary of Labor for the upcoming administration. Thanks to his array of accomplishments in recent times, a lot of people have started to gather interest in his personal life as well. So, stay right here as we bring you close to the personal and romantic life of the experienced politician.

Marty Walsh Very Happy With Current Girlfriend

Marty Walsh and his girlfriend Lorrie Higgins pose a picture.

Marty Walsh and his girlfriend Lorrie Higgins often pose for pictures in public.
Photo Source: Boston Herald

Marty Walsh might be inviting big responsibility into his shoulders by moving to Washington to serve as the United States Secretary of Labor under Joe Biden, but that isn't the only source of happiness for the politician. Although the 53-year-old isn't married to this very date, he is definitely not living his busy life all alone. The longtime servant of Boston is currently dating his longtime girlfriend, Lorrie Higgins. The love history that they share has a long span, but surprisingly, they always preferred to keep their love life a secret.

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Despite the best interest of former Boston Mayor Marty Walsh to keep his love life under the radar, he is struggling to keep it that way. Since he is a prominent persona around the whole nation, people have been following both his romantic and professional endeavors quite closely. It is a surprise how the pair aren't married to this very date considering the long-term romance they are affiliated in.

Marty Walsh in a suit poses a picture.

Marty Walsh is set to serve as the US Secretary of Labor under new president Joe Biden.
Photo Source: WBUR

 The first elected mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh, owes massive credit to his girlfriend for reaching where he is today. You would be quite surprised to acknowledge the fact that he paid Higgins' fundraising consulting firm over $1 million, as per the reports from campaigns. Things don't add up well as the American politician gathers only $500,000 as net worth.

Marty Walsh's Partner Is A Mother

Marty Walsh and his partner's romantic relationship is full of drama, which can be a good script for a movie. Interestingly, Walsh's girlfriend Lorrie Higgins is the mother of an adorable daughter named Lauren from her past relationship. Interestingly, she gave birth to her little kid with Paul Campbell. Unfortunately, he was killed by the police earlier in 2015

Marty Walsh poses a picture with girlfriend Lorrie Higgins and their friend.

Marty Walsh and Lorrie Higgins live together in Dorchester.
Photo Source: Marty Walsh

The shocking demise of the father of Higgins' daughter did hurt her a lot, but as she started dating Walsh, the moving on process went on quite rapidly. As of now, the former Mayor of Boston has been able to fill the void of Lauren's father quite well. Only time will tell if the duo ever decides to get married. We can only hope that the wedding date comes quite early.

As of now, the love birds Lorrie Higgins and Marty Walsh reside in the Lower Mills neighborhood of Dorchester. However, the living situation is set to change as he is all set to move to Washington to serve as the US Secretary of Labor.

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