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Meet Crissy Guerrero: Unveiling the Talented Actress and Dave Foley's Beloved Wife!

Published Wed Aug 30 2023 By Bsgurung
Meet Crissy Guerrero: Unveiling the Talented Actress and Dave Foley's Beloved Wife!

Crissy Guerrero is a known actress, from the United States widely recognized for her roles in films such as The Meaning of Christmas Specials, Encounters, and Ave 43. Additionally, she is famous for being married to Dave Foley, a stand-up comedian. 

Crissy is happily married. Has a child with her husband. She has achieved success in her career. Has earned a substantial income from it. If you're interested in learning more, about both her professional life we invite you to read this article until the end.

Shares One Child With Husband, Dave Foley

The lovely and stunning Guerrero has experienced a divorce in her life. She was romantically involved with the actor Dave Foley for quite a while, and their love story led them to tie the knot in 2002.

Crissy Guerrero daughter
Image: Crissy Guerrero with her husband and daughter. Source: Amazon 

The couple also embraced parenthood and welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Alina Foley. However, their journey together faced challenges, and unfortunately, they decided to part ways in 2008 through a divorce. 

Since then, Guerrero has chosen to keep her personal life under wraps, and there's been no news of her entering into another marriage. She's maintained such privacy that details about her current relationship status remain undisclosed.

Remarried To Husband After Getting Divorce in 2008

In 2008, their relationship hit a rough patch, leading to their separation. Challenges and issues strained their bond, prompting them to go their separate ways. However, fate had a surprise in store. In 2016, they found themselves drawn back together, reigniting their connection. 

Despite their past struggles, they decided to give their love another shot. This twist of events underscores the power of second chances and the resilience of love. 

Their journey showcases that relationships have their share of highs and lows, yet their choice to reunite in 2016 highlights the strength of their commitment and their belief in working things out.

Crissy Guerrero Movies and TV Shows

Guerrero stepped into the world of acting back in 2002, marking her debut in the TV film "The True Meaning of Christmas Specials." While she might not have an extensive filmography like her former husband, she has made appearances in a handful of movies and TV series.

After her initial TV film in 2002, she took a hiatus and then returned with the 2009 film "Encounters." The film garnered some positive feedback from fans and viewers, giving her a foothold in the industry. In 2014, she achieved another milestone by starring in the commercially successful film "Suspense."

Although the internet might not provide a comprehensive list of her works, her dedication to her craft is evident. While she hasn't yet clinched any awards, she remains steadfast in her pursuit of excellence. Her journey reflects her commitment to making her mark in the entertainment world.

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Spouse, Dave Foley's Short Bio

Dave Foley, a versatile Canadian actor, comedian, and writer, has charmed audiences with his comedic prowess and multifaceted talents. Born on January 4, 1963, in Etobicoke, Ontario, Foley rose to prominence as a founding member of the renowned comedy troupe "The Kids in the Hall." 

Dave Foley is a Canadian comedian
Image: Dave Foley posing for the picture. Source: Static 

His distinctive humor and sharp wit propelled him to success in both television and film, including his iconic role in the sitcom "NewsRadio" and voicing Flik in Disney-Pixar's "A Bug's Life." 

With his comedic brilliance and diverse contributions to the entertainment world, Foley continues to be a beloved figure in the realm of comedy and acting.

Know About Crissy Guerrero's Net Worth and Salary in 2023

Crissy Guerrero, the talented actress and celebrity wife, boasts a net worth of $1.5 Million. Her thriving career in blockbuster movies and series contributes to an estimated annual income surpassing $60,000

On the other hand, her husband, the accomplished American actor and comedian Dave, enjoys a net worth of $9 Million as of 2023. 

Dave's roles in successful films like "Second Act," which earned $72.3 Million from a $16 Million budget, and "Monsters University," raking in a remarkable $743.6 Million against a $200 Million budget, showcase his financial success. Dave Foley's prowess in the industry continues to yield a substantial fortune.

Bio and Age

Born and raised in Cordoba, Veracruz, Mexico, the actress of "Encounter" hails from a region known for its development. She was born on 1st May 1971 and has a birth sign of Taurus. Currently, she is in her early fifties. 

Growing up, she was nurtured by her loving parents; however, details about her parents remain undisclosed on her social media platforms. 

Enjoying the privileges of a well-established family background, her childhood was marked by quality education and a comfortable life, devoid of significant hardships.


The talented actress of "Big Mouth" boasts a strong educational background, completing her schooling at the Etobicoke School of Arts. 

Crissy Guerrero spouse
Image: Actress, Crissy Guerrero with her husband, Dave Foley. IMBD

Following her early education, she pursued higher studies at a reputable college. However, specifics about her college education, including her chosen majors, remain undisclosed.

Social Media Presence

Crissy Guerrero maintains a relatively low profile on social media platforms. While she is currently active on Twitter, her account has a modest following of around 285 followers. 

Notably, she does not have a presence on popular platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

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