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Meet Huia Bennett: Insight into the World of Manu Bennett's Daughter

Published Sat Sep 30 2023 By Bsgurung
Meet Huia Bennett: Insight into the World of Manu Bennett's Daughter

Huia Bennett, the offspring of the celebrated actor Manu Bennett and entrepreneur Karen Horen, is creating her own impressive legacy. 

Emerging from a lineage marked by talent and ambition, Huia possesses a captivating charisma and a determination to forge her unique journey. At the age of sixteen, she stands as a significant member of her accomplished and talented family.

Parents Love Life

Huia Bennett's father, Manu Bennett, hails from New Zealand and has made a name for himself as a renowned actor. He gained widespread recognition for his standout performances in epic fantasy productions, notably as Crixus in the television series Spartacus and for his portrayal of Slade Wilson in the series Arrow.

Manu Bennett wife
Image: Manu Bennett with his ex-wife, Caren. Source: Getty Images

Manu's family background includes a mother who was a bikini model and a father who was a singer. They relocated to Australia during his early childhood. On the other hand, Huia's mother, Karen Horen, was born and raised in Israel. Her journey led her to Australia to pursue higher education, where fate brought her into the life of Manu Bennett, the love of her life. The two first crossed paths in 2005 and quickly fell deeply in love.

As Manu's career soared with his role in Spartacus, the couple decided to share their lives and moved in together in Auckland. While specific details about their marriage remain undisclosed, some sources suggest that they may have been engaged. In 2009, the couple made a significant move to New Zealand.

Why did Her Father and Mother Get Divorced? 

The influential couple chose to part ways after a decade of being together, delivering heart-wrenching news to their dedicated fans and supporters. Just a year prior, they were spotted strolling the streets of Peru, with Manu's wife visiting him on the set of Death Race 2050.

Regrettably, in 2017, the couple decided to end their relationship and go their separate ways. However, a shocking revelation surfaced fifteen months later when actor Manu Bennett faced legal charges for allegedly assaulting a fan by striking their face in Texas.

Dad, Manu Bennett Relationship

In 2011, rumors swirled about a possible romantic involvement between Manu and Cynthia Addai-Robinson, which allegedly concluded in 2013.

Following this, he entered a relationship with Chantel Elloway in 2013, but unfortunately, the couple parted ways after two years in 2015. 

In the same year, there were whispers linking Manu to Luna Voce, although he chose not to comment on this speculation. As of the present, Manu Bennett is reportedly single.

Mother, Karen Was Diagnosed With Cancer

Karen, Huia's mother, received a devastating diagnosis of cancer at the young age of twenty-six, a profoundly challenging moment for both her and her family. She embarked on an arduous journey that included two surgical procedures, involving two partial mastectomies, followed by a grueling twelve-month chemotherapy regimen and six weeks of radiotherapy. 

Huai Bennett sister
Image: Huai Bennett with her siblings. Source: Facebook

This period was emotionally and physically taxing for her. However, amid her courageous battle, she crossed paths with Manu Bennett, bringing a ray of light into her life. For a while, she enjoyed happiness and relief from the past trials.

Tragically, the chapter she wished to leave behind resurfaced as she received another diagnosis, this time with breast cancer affecting her right side. This news left her shattered, compounded by the end of her relationship with Manu Bennett, which deprived her of his support. These were undeniably trying times, both physically and emotionally.

Relationship With Siblings

Recently, Karen shared a heartwarming picture on her Instagram featuring her three daughters, including Huia, with a caption that read, "Let this Passover…." It's evident that Karen cherishes moments spent with her daughters and enjoys their company. 

The photo radiates a sense of a special mother-daughter bonding, suggesting it was a delightful mommy and daughters' day out. Karen playfully captioned another snapshot with the words, "they are back…," giving a glimpse into the joy and togetherness that defines their family moments.

Take A Look into Huia Bennett's Career

While still in the nascent stages of her career, the celebrity daughter Huia has managed to capture significant attention and establish her own identity, thanks to her captivating presence on various social media platforms. In contrast, her mother, Karen, not only excels as a media personality but also showcases her entrepreneurial flair and commitment to effecting positive change in multiple dimensions. 

Father, Manu Bennett's acting career commenced in 1993 with the teen soap "Paradise Beach" and included guest roles in Australian TV dramas. In 2010, he co-starred in the American TV series "Spartacus" as Crixus. He played Azog the Defiler in "The Hobbit" films, joined "Arrow" as Slade Wilson, and appeared in "The Marine" and "The Condemned." Bennett also took on the role of Allanon in MTV's "The Shannara Chronicles" in December 2014.

Net Worth of Huia Bennett in 2023

While Huia is in the early stages of her life and career, her father, Manu, has established a significant presence in the entertainment industry, accumulating a commendable net worth of $1.5 million.

Huia Bennett parents
Image: Huia Bennett's parents. Source: Tumblr

His estimated annual earnings exceed $120,000. Currently, Huia is living a comfortable lifestyle. 

Huia Bennett Age 

Huia Bennett, born on April 20, 2007, is the sixteen-year-old daughter of renowned actor Manu Bennett and entrepreneur Karen Horen. She has two elder sisters, Pania Bennett and Mokoia Bennett

Growing up in a family marked by success, creativity, and ambition, Huia has a promising future ahead. Her environment, filled with inspiration and the unwavering support of her loved ones, sets the stage for her to achieve great things at a young age.

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