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Meet Krista Visentin: The Woman Behind HGTV's David Visentin

Published Wed Nov 08 2023 By Bsgurung
Meet Krista Visentin: The Woman Behind HGTV's David Visentin

Many individuals inadvertently gain fame simply because of their connection to a well-known celebrity, rather than through their own careers in acting, singing, dancing, or any other entertainment field. These individuals become popular solely because they are related to a prominent figure in the world of entertainment or politics, be it a celebrity's child, spouse, sibling, or even an extended family member. One such case is Krista Visentin, who is known as the wife of David Visentin.

Ever since she tied the knot with David, people have been curious to learn more about the woman who married the TV host. Krista has captured the public's interest, and they are eager to uncover details about her background. While she has her own accomplishments in her profession, the primary reason for her fame is her marriage to a well-known celebrity. Let's delve into her background and her relationship with David Visentin.

Exchanged Wedding Vows With Husband, David Visetin

The exact circumstances of how Krista and David Visentin met have not been disclosed publicly, but there's speculation that their paths crossed due to their shared career interests. They confirmed that they dated for several years before they eventually tied the knot on October 7, 2006. 

David Visentin wife
Image: David Visentin with his wife together spending quality time. Source; Nail Buzz

They began as friends and later transitioned into a romantic relationship, which endured for a significant period before they decided to take their commitment to the next level through marriage. Their wedding ceremony was an intimate and private affair, attended only by a select group of close friends and family. Known for their simplicity, the couple opted for a modest celebration. 

Their life together is admired, and they are considered a genuinely blessed couple. At the time of their marriage, Krista was 36, while David was 41. While David doesn't divulge much about his marriage, he occasionally shares moments with his wife on social media, providing glimpses of their happiness together.

Blessed With One Son

Soon after their wedding, Krista and David welcomed their first child into the world, a son born on March 30, 2011. This joyous occasion occurred five years into their marriage. 

Krista was 41 years old when she became a mother for the first time, while David was 46. He expressed that the birth of their child was one of the happiest moments in his life.

Their son, Logan, is currently 12 years old, indicating that he is likely still in middle school. However, apart from this information, very little is publicly known about him. Much like his mother, Logan has been shielded from the spotlight. The family of three resides together in Ontario, Canada.

Did Her Husband, David Visentin Dated Hillary Farr? 

Hillary Farr and David Visentin, hosts of "Love It or List It," have a strong on-camera connection that sparked rumors of a romantic relationship. However, they have consistently denied these claims, asserting that they are purely platonic friends. Farr once likened their relationship to that of siblings. 

Hillary Farr and David
Image: Hillary Farr with her co-anchor, David Visentin. Source: Distractify

Both hosts are happily married to different partners. Hillary was previously married to Canadian TV producer Josh Farr, with whom she has a son, but they divorced in 2008. Their enduring on-screen friendship is considered a significant draw for their show, adding to its appeal.

Her Husband, David Visentin is a Canadian TV Personality

David Visentin is a prominent Canadian television personality known for his captivating presence in the world of real estate and home renovation. 

Born on June 28, 1965, in Toronto, Canada, Visentin rose to fame as the co-host of the popular TV show "Love It or List It." With his charismatic on-screen persona, he has become a household name and a familiar face in the realm of home improvement and interior design. 

Krista Visentin is a Real Estate Agent

Visentin entered the real estate industry as a real estate agent, where she specializes in property sales, rentals, and management. Her career's exact starting point remains undisclosed due to her reserved personality. 

Similarly, the real estate companies she has been associated with are not publicly known. Nonetheless, she has forged a successful and established career in the real estate sector. Her marriage to a celebrity has undoubtedly elevated her profile and expanded her professional opportunities. 

The increased exposure from her marriage has led people to become more aware of her career, providing her with various new prospects. She has also made appearances on several talk shows, offering her expert insights and advice on matters related to her field of expertise.

Krista Visentin's Net Worth and Salary in 2023

While Krista Visentin has not publicly disclosed her exact net income, real estate agents typically have the potential to earn a substantial income. In the USA, the average annual income for a real estate agent is around $87,000. Therefore, it's reasonable to assume that Krista may earn a similar amount annually.

David Visentin net worth
Image: Canadian Personality David Visentin's net worth. Source: Muzu

Her husband, David Visentin, is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $6 million, derived from his career as a real estate agent and a TV actor. 

He is best known for his role on the show "Love It or List It," where he earns around $23,000 per episode, totaling approximately $300,000 per season. With such substantial earnings, the Visentin family enjoys a prosperous lifestyle in their Canadian home. 

Krista Visentin Instagram

It appears that there is an Instagram account under the name Krista Grycko Visentin, but it is set to private and has a limited following of 93 followers. 

This suggests that the account may be intended for close friends and family, making it a more private and personal social media presence.

How Old is Krista Visentin Now? 

Born in the 1970s, Krista Visentin, formerly Krista Grycko, is approximately 53 years old, but her specific birthdate is undisclosed. Hailing from Ontario, Canada, she possesses Canadian nationality and belongs to the Canadian ethnic background. 

While her marriage to David Visentin has brought her fame, Krista has maintained a private personal life, with scarce information available to the public. Details about her early life, upbringing, and family, including the number of siblings she may have, remain unknown. 

Her educational background is similarly elusive, with only mentions of her attendance at a private school but no specifics about the institution or her college education.

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