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Meet the New Cast of 'See' Jefferson Halliday

Published Sun Oct 06 2019 By Travis
Meet the New Cast of 'See' Jefferson Halliday

Jefferson Halliday is an unknown actor, and no we are not being disrespectful, you can check the actor’s IMDb page and the one thing you will see is the actor’s only got one credit to his name. There is nothing listed on his name, no talent agency, birthplace, or any type of contact information. But for the sake of this article, we’ve got some information for you.

The one credit on his IMDb page is also for one of the most expensive show in history with the first time actor appearing in the first season of ‘SEE’ where he is playing the character of Courtier, but the thing is he’s an aspiring filmmaker, writer-actor, and director. This may be his first acting venture in a big production but he is known for his love for the art of movie making.

Going by appearance the actor is middle aged maybe born around late 70s early 80s and this acting job will be his first appearance in a show. So, here is everything you should know about the actor Jefferson Halliday.

Appearing as ‘Courtier’ in the Upcoming Show ‘SEE’

Jason Momoa is playing the character of Baba Voss in SEE.

‘SEE’ is coming to the small screen this fall, on 1 November and the show is about the loss of humanity when it comes to sight which happened some 600 years ago. Human beings cannot see for whatever reason which is not stated in the show, and subsequent generation all grow up without the ability to see.

The ability of sight is considered to be a myth by people in the new world, it is thought of as stories people tell one another and just a bedtime words to tell the children but it all changes when two kids are born on this new earth with the ability to see. They are the first children in generations to not be born blind, and this causes conflict between rival tribes.

Watch: The trailer for SEE coming to Apple TV+ this fall

Jefferson is playing the character of 'Courtier' in the show, his appearance is set to be in the first and third episode of the series so not a big role but considering this is the first time he appears in a series, it seems okay for the actor. He will most probably play the character in the show for a short period of time, which means we are only getting one season worth of Jefferson in the show. We will be keeping an eye out for the actor in the show and you should too, maybe he will be involved in something consequential.

'SEE' arrives on screen for the first time on 1 November 2019 when Apple TV+ debuts on the same day.

Jefferson Halliday is an Aspiring Filmmaker Living in Canada with His Wife and Two Dogs

The actor was born and raised in Canada where he is still living, and the actor was a competitor in the Hub City Cinema Society. The film society started a challenge about a one-minute movie which was shown on 26 September 2019. He made a video of him playing both the characters with a post-apocalyptic theme. The one-minute film was sent for the competition, and the actor was also recently seen promoting the event and getting his head-shot done which means it was the flair of the movie industry which took him and inspired the actor to audition for SEE.

Jefferson is also living in Canada with his wife Laura Halliday with whom he seems to share a great bond. The couple is seen together, and they also posted an adorable picture of the two together during Christmas with their two dogs. They are both small, one of the dogs is named Tigger, and the other is named Dareby with whom both the husband and wife are pretty taken.

Christmas Card from the Halliday family.
Laura Halliday and Jefferson Halliday with their dogs.

Source: Facebook

Now the actor is on the verge of getting known on a larger scale, Laura will be asked to hold down the fort even more in the coming days, months and years but great times are ahead for the couple.

Jefferson only appears in two episodes of the show, but the hope for the actor will be this series, and the limited appearance will be a jumping-off point from which he can propel himself to new heights.

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