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Meet Zuri Kye Edwards Son of the Patti LaBelle!

Published Mon Jul 31 2023 By Bsgurung
Meet Zuri Kye Edwards Son of the Patti LaBelle!

Zuri Kye Edwards, the son of Patti LaBelle, is a renowned music producer and celebrity manager. Despite his preference for private life, his association with his famous mother has brought him into the limelight. As the son of the legendary American singer, often referred to as the Godmother of Soul, one might wonder if Zuri inherited his mother's passion for music. 

While specific details about his personal interests are not widely known, it is not uncommon for children of famous musicians to be influenced by their parent's love for music. However, as Zuri tends to keep his private life away from the public eye, his musical pursuits remain a topic of curiosity for many.

Is Zuri Kye Edwards Single or Married? 

Zuri Kye Edwards is currently a married man, and his wife's name is Lona Azami. Although specific details about how they met and started their relationship are not widely known, information from Lona's Instagram page reveals that they tied the knot on the 11th of October 2014.

Zuri Kye Edwards wife and kids
Image: Zuri Kye Edwards with his kids and wife. Source: Instagram

Since their marriage, the couple has remained happily together, and their love seems to grow stronger every day. Lona frequently shares photos of their adventures and vacations together, showcasing their deep affection for each other. On her Instagram page, Lona has expressed that Zuri is her "entire world," highlighting the strong bond they share as a couple.

Zuri Kye Edwards Has Three Kids

Zuri Kye Edwards and his wife Lona Azami are parents to three children: two daughters named Gia, born on March 3, 2015, and Leyla, born on September 15, 2017, as well as a son named Zuri Jr., born on December 2021. Patti LaBelle, Zuri's mother, and a proud grandmother, announced the birth of Zuri Jr. on social media, expressing her joy over the new addition to the family.

Patti has shared her close bond with her grandchildren, especially Gia, who loves helping her cook in the kitchen. Patti enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, allowing them to play with her belongings, and creating cherished memories together.

While Zuri Kye Edwards keeps his personal life mostly private, his devotion to his family is evident. They share a strong bond with his mother, Patti LaBelle, who plays an important role in their lives. Together, they create a legacy of love and support for generations to come.

How Many Siblings Does Zuri Kye Edwards Have? 

Zuri Kye Edwards is the only biological child of the former duo, Patti LaBelle and Armstead Edwards. In addition to Zuri, they adopted two sons, Dodd Stocker-Edwards and Stanley Stocker, after their neighbor passed away. 

Later on, they adopted two more children, William and Stayce Holte, who were Patti LaBelle's sister's kids. The family shares a close bond, and Patti is a proud and loving mother to all her children, both biological and adopted.

Zuri Kye Edwards's Parents Are Divorced

Zuri's parents, Patti LaBelle and Armstead Edwards ended their marriage in 2000 after more than three decades together. Patti revealed in an interview that they realized they couldn't continue living together. 

Patti LaBelle and Armstead Edwards
Image: Patti LaBelle and Armstead Edwards their daughter and granddaughters. Source: Instagram

Despite the separation, their relationship remained amicable. After the divorce, there were rumors that Patti was dating her drummer, Eric Seats, who was 41 years old at the time. The duo enjoyed their togetherness for only a year. However, as per her Instagram, Patti now appears to be single.

Zuri Kye Edwards is A Manager of His Mother Patti LaBelle

Zuri Kye Edwards is a talented talent manager who also manages his mother, the renowned singer, and actress Patti LaBelle. While their working relationship has had its challenges, they maintain a healthy and productive bond. 

Zuri has successfully forged his own path, supporting artists and bringing his mother's music to new audiences. He has made occasional appearances on screen, showcasing his insights on growing up with a famous parent and navigating the entertainment industry. 

However, his primary focus remains on his work as a talent manager, ensuring artists reach their full potential. Zuri's dedication to his family and his mother's career has contributed to Patti LaBelle's continued success and iconic status in the music industry.

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Net Worth of Zuri Kye Edwards in 2023

Zuri's mother, the renowned singer, and actress Patti LaBelle, is undeniably wealthy, with a reported net worth of over $60 million, earned through her successful music career spanning over five decades. 

Zuri Kye Edwards mother
Image: Zuri Kye Edwards with his mother, Patti at the Christmas Party. Source: Getty Images

On the other hand, Zuri's career may not be as prominent in the entertainment world, but as the manager of his multimillionaire mother, he likely enjoys a comfortable level of wealth, possibly in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

However, it's safe to say that his net worth is not on the same scale as his mother's, given her long and successful career in the music industry.

Zuri Kye Edwards in Social Media World

Although the Instagram account @gia_edwards is primarily associated with Zuri's daughters, Gia and Leyla, Zuri himself is also prominently featured on the image-sharing platform. 

It is presumed that he oversees his daughters' social media profiles. Zuri can be seen starring in numerous Instagram posts. However, it remains unclear if he has his own personal online presence.

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