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Is Michael Cera Still Working? What is his Net Worth? All Details Here

Published Thu Mar 31 2022 By sujan
Is Michael Cera Still Working? What is his Net Worth? All Details Here

Know who Michael Cera is? Is he still working? And all the details about his net worth.

Michael Cera is a famous actor and musician from Canada. He is best known for his role as a sensitive and slightly nerdy character. Michael Austin Cera, professionally known as Michael Cera, was born on June 7, 1988, in Brampton, Canada. His parents were Linda and Luigi Cera. His parents worked for 'Xerox.' He has two siblings, Jordan and Molly. When Michael was three, he suffered from chickenpox. He repeatedly watched the TV series 'Ghostbusters' and became curious about acting during that time. 

After some time, Michael joined 'Second City Toronto' and took improvisation classes. He started his career at the age of eight in a commercial. Michael has appeared on several small screens and big-screen projects. He is famous for his role as 'George Michael Bluth' in the TV series named 'Arrested Development.' He is also renowned for his significant roles in comedy movies, like 'Juno,' 'Superbad,' 'Youth in Revolt,' and 'Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist.' His other prominent roles include 'Scott Pilgrim' in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and his outsized version in 'This Is the End.' 

Apart from acting, Michael is also a musician and has worked on an album titled 'True That.' He is part of 'The Long Goodbye' band and performs alongside Clark Duke. He has also performed as a touring bass player in 'Mister Heavenly.' Cera's talents have earned him several nominations and awards. His wide explicit eyes, excellent acting skills, and competent voice are enough to get the audience's attention.

Michael Cera's Net Worth

An actor, musician, and producer, Michael Cera, has an enormous net worth of $20 Million. His voice made most of his wealth in different television shows and films. Michael started his career at an early age and has been very successful. He has worked both as an actor and musician, which has led him to accumulate a net worth of $20 million

Producer Michael Cera has a net worth of $20 million

Image: Michael Cera enjoying new year party
Source: Instagram @michaelcerasource

However, his music career was not as sucessfull as his acting career. Michael also received high earnings from many commercially successful and renowned TV series and films. Michael has acted in more than 30 movies so far. His famous movies include "Superbad," "Juno," "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World," "Youth in Revolt," "The Lego Batman Movie," and a few others. 

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The film "Superbad," which established his career, grossed $169,871,719. Michael has also released some music albums and earned some wealth from them. His album, “True That," added to his total net worth. Although his earnings are massive, his exact income from movies and series has not been specified.

Is Michael Cera Still Working?

Michel Cera is not retired yet, and he only hasn't received any movie offers since 2019. But he was seen in some TV shows in 2020. After 2020 he hasn't played any role in Films and other television shows. He is now giving his voice to some movie cast, which will be released in 2022.

Image: Michael Cera playing guitar
Source: Instagram @michaelcerasource

There are several reasons for him not getting any film offers, like his acting is not that versatile and emerging of Michael's so-called doppelganger Jesse Eisenberg. Although he is not getting any offers, he hasn't yet quit acting and is still seeking a role in movies and other television series. We hope to see him in action again soon.

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