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'Money Heist' Star Shares Her Experience Upon Recovering from Coronavirus

Published Sun Apr 26 2020 By Eden
'Money Heist' Star Shares Her Experience Upon Recovering from Coronavirus

Spanish actress Itziar Ituno shares her experience after recovering from coronavirus.

'Money Heist' star Itziar Ituno rose to fame through the portrayal of Raquel Murillo in the popular Netflix crime drama. Back in March, she tested positive for coronavirus and had been receiving treatment ever since.

The latest report suggests the actress has now completely recovered from the virus. In fact, Ituno took to social media to provide an official confirmation of her recovery, including a piece of advice to all her followers. She urged her fans to take this disease seriously and use proper masks while heading outside since it's anything but a flu.

'Money Heist' star Itziar Ituno has recovered from coronavirus.
Source: Itziar Ituno Instagram

The actress said,

This mask does not protect 100%, but it is the only one I have. There are no masks for everyone, and now they are a must. Put yours on! What don't you have? Do it. Or do you have no imagination?

Previously, the 45-year old confirmed she contracted the virus taking to Instagram on 18th March. "From Friday afternoon, I have symptoms (fever and dry cough), and today we received confirmation of the epidemiological test. It is a coronavirus. My case is mild, and I'm fine, but it's very, very contagious and super dangerous for people who are weaker," wrote the Raquel Murillo star.

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Ituno added, "This is not nonsense, stay conscious, do not take it seriously, there are dead, many lives at stake, and we still do not know to what extent this will give, then it is time to be vaccinated for the responsibility of good hair."

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Meanwhile, the Spanish actress believes it's a time of solidarity and generosity. "Stay home and protect others. Now I am 15 days in quarantine and then will be seen." After weeks in quarantine, she's finally fully recovered now.

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