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New Orleans Saints Star Marshon Lattimore - 5 Facts You Need to Know!

Published Tue Nov 12 2019 By Travis
New Orleans Saints Star Marshon Lattimore - 5 Facts You Need to Know!

In every team which makes it deep into the playoffs in NFL, there is one similar trait in the way the roster is created. A competent D-line, good outside linebackers, and a great secondary is the recipe for success. This was also the reason why the 2017 Jacksonville Jaguars were able to make it to the final Divisional final.

New Orleans Saints was always on the cusp of glory only to be let down by a breakdown in defense when they need it the most. This is exactly why when the 2017 Draft rolled into town, New Orleans made it their mission to find a premiere Cornerback, something which is extremely difficult to do in the draft.

Marshon Lattimore intercepting the ball intended for Eagles TE Eartz.
Marshon Lattimore intercepting the ball intended for Eagles TE Eartz.

Source: Instagram

Most of all, the cornerback selected in the draft is okay to not so good, and it is like a 50% toss-up when it comes to thinking you can draft a premier talent at the CB position. But Saints lucked out finally in 2017 when Marshon Lattimore became available, and Saints were quick to get him on their already magnificent roster. So, here are the five facts you need to know about the New Orleans Saints’ Star Cornerback Marshon Lattimore.

5. Born Raised and Started His Career in Ohio

Marshon Lattimore was born on 20 May 1996 to his parents in Cleveland, Ohio, and growing up in a football city; it was football or bust for the athlete. He went to Glenville High School in his hometown, where he was a double threat and played on both sides of the ball as a wide receiver and cornerback.

The player was a star athlete in his high school, and he was one of the finalists for the US Army Player of the Year Award while in high school. His production and speed was a key factor for the player being listed as a four-star recruit coming out of school.

4. Lattimore Agreed to Play for Ohio State Buckeyes

After an impressive high school career, the player was recruited by multiple universities, but no one carried more advantages than the Ohio State Buckeyes being from the same place he was born. Marshon committed to becoming a Buckeye during the US Army All American Bowl and started his college career in 2014.

The player was plagued by injuries, which is why, in the end, he played in one full season of his college career. Still, he was ranked as one of the best college athletes heading into the NFL Draft.

3. Marshon Love His Sister and Nephew

Marshon Love His Sister and Nephew

When athletes make it to the big league, some are quick to cut ties with their former selves and enjoy all the fame and money themselves. But Marshon never forgets where he comes from no matter the $15+ million contract he signed with New Orleans, which is only going to get bigger after his 3rd year.

Marshon takes care of his sister, and he loves his nephew a lot. His nephew was with him when he was drafted into the NFL, and there are multiple pictures of the little boy on his Instagram.

2. Getting Drafted by the New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees’ been a class act for over a decade now in New Orleans and considering how his career was almost ended by a loose ball; instead, he became a New Orleans hero. For so long, the team was good on both sides of the ball, but the secondary was always a suspect for the team.

After multiple attempts to shore up the defensive back position, the Saints targeted Marshon as the man they wanted to go for, and in the 2017 NFL draft, they selected the player 11th overall. He is a shutdown corner who New Orleans got a player with a lot of talent and class to shore up their defense. Marshon was the rookie of the year, and it seems the Saints made the right decision.

1. Injury Prone

Marshon Lattimore

The biggest question mark on Marshon Lattimore coming into the NFL was his health. The problem was his hamstring, which was injured multiple times, and it was also the reason why the player was not able to play in 2014 and 2015.

Marshon only completed a full season of play in 2016, which was a big cause of concern for the player. The player was doing fine in NFL and dispelling all the lack of fitness rumors when the nagging hamstring injury came back in 2019, with the player expected to be week-to-week when it comes to his availability for games.

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