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One Line In Casino Royale Convinced Daniel Craig to become James Bond - The Actor Reflects on His Tenure

Published Thu Jan 02 2020 By Travis
One Line In Casino Royale Convinced Daniel Craig to become James Bond - The Actor Reflects on His Tenure

Daniel Craig talks about his time as James Bond coming to an end and also the reason he signed on to do the first one.

Daniel Craig is the best 'James Bond' of all time, and we will fight you if you so desire, and also On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is an underappreciated gem, just getting it out there. Back to Daniel Craig, he is the best Bond because his portrayal of the character is distinguishable from the story of the past movies and also the character arc of Bond himself.

There is a lot to be said about the amazing villains Daniel fought over the last four movies, say what you will about 'Blofeld,' but Christoph Waltz was one scary dude in 'Spectre.' But beyond the villains, Daniel Craig never tried to embody the past Bonds and did his own thing, a much darker and violent portrayal of the character than before.

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This was not something by design, they wanted Bond to be the same as before, but a new age demanded a new spy, and here we are almost a decade and a half later, and Daniel Craig will be exiting the franchise soon. The 'Knives Out' actor is coming back for one final time to play the iconic role, which made him a rich man and also famous, in 'No Time To Die.'

But before the movie is seen by the public, the actor is taking a trip down memory lane to a point in his career when he was first offered the role of James Bond in the now beloved classic Casino Royale. The actor said he was not going to do the same thing the past Bond actors did, and his version needed to be more scary and vulnerable and violent and outright menacing.

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Daniel Craig said it was one line in the script which sold him to the character of James Bond and agreed to do the movie. The line we are talking about is the iconic “Vodka Martini” line, but Daniel’s Bond put his own spin to the thing, and it made the movie even edgier.

The seventh Bond actor said, “I was completely ready just to go, 'That's the way I see Bond. You don't like it? Fair enough. One of the biggest reasons I did Casino Royale is the line, 'A vodka martini, please.' 'Shaken or stirred?' My reply was written in the script as, 'Do I look like I give a f**k?' And that's it. That's the reason I did it.”

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Daniel gave his reason for not going with the tradition of ordering the drink; he said, “What I could not do, and what I refused to do, was repeat what had gone before. What was the f**king point? So I'd rather have just done one and gone, 'OK, swing and a miss. There you go. Tried my best.'” The actor was ready to take on the ire of the fans, but he was going to his version of the Bond or wasn’t going to do it at all.

Craig also talked about the ending of his tenure as Bond with No Time To Die and what it was like when he filmed his final scene. He said, “It was potentially a bit of an anti-climax because they usually are. It was very emotional. The whole crew came round and gathered outside; everybody was hugging each other. I tried to make a speech and couldn't get it out.”

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A character he played for almost 15 years is coming to an end on 8 April 2020, and it must’ve been a sad day for the actor no matter how much he bashed his own movie before. James Bond will always be a part of Daniel Craig, and he knows it.

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