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PBS Kids' "Caillou" Canceled and Parents Could Not Be Happier

Published Sat Jan 09 2021 By Christina
PBS Kids' "Caillou" Canceled and Parents Could Not Be Happier

PBS Kids canceled their show Caillou after nearly 20 years of operation, and parents couldn't be any happier.

Officials from the PBS Kids announced on Twitter about the cancellation of the long run kids show Caillou. The tweet read along with tips on how to break the news to their children, but instead, the parents couldn't be any happier to learn about the dismissal. 

The Canadian show was originally broadcasted on September 04, 2000, that circled around the life of a precocious boy named Caillou, who is fascinated by the world around him.  Even though the show was remotely successful, it faced its share of critics throughout the time.

Caillou completed its 20th year in 2020.

Caillou completed its 20th year in 2020. 
Photo Source: WGN TV

The parents of the kids had an endless negative reaction for the title character being portrayed as bratty that seemed to be a bad influence on their kids. It resulted in their young ones behaving more and more whiny and bratty, which is why the parents seemed to be elated to say goodbye to the show. 

Many of the Twitter users were ready to comment on the tweet to express their views on the situation. One of the users wrote, "Score one for the boys back home! Caillou is finally gone! We Won."

Another user expressed his view by, " As a parent, I hated that show. Bad parenting. Bad child. Bad everything. Good riddance."

The network announced the end of the show and offered tips on helping children emotionally when a show they love ends. The script was heavily criticized for showing Caillou's treatment towards his sister, where he would often show rude behaviors towards her. 

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Not only that, but he was also rude and disobedient towards his mother. Seeing this, most of the parents had to force their kids not to watch the show. 

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