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Pierre Gasly Net Worth - The Complete Breakdown

Published Fri Mar 06 2020 By Eric
Pierre Gasly Net Worth - The Complete Breakdown

The Pierre Gasly is the Formula One car racer for Scuderia AlphaTauri, who became runner-up in the 2014 Formula Renault 3.5 Series and the 2017 Super Formula Championship, and the champion for the 2016 GP2 Series.

The French car racer, Pierre, made his Formula One debut with Toro Rosso at the 2017 Malaysian Grand Prix. In 2019, Gasly began Red Bull Racing before trading places with Alexander Albon from Toro Rosso between the Hungarian and Belgian rounds.

So, Pierre is one of the successful racers who has successfully accumulated a massive fortune, which we will share with you guys today.

Pierre Gasly Net Worth 

Now Talking about the net worth of the young car racer, Pierre Gasly, he accumulated a hefty amount of $ 2 million

 Pierre Gasly has a massive net worth of $2 million.

Pierre Gasly boasts an impressive net worth of $2 million.
Source: Race Fans

The Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 winner collected those piles of "green" from his sports car racing career. As per Chron, average auto racers receive a salary of $50,000 annually.

Pierre Gasly Luxury Lifestyle | Bio, Family, Net worth, Earning, House, Cars

According to some reports back in 2018, his salary was $350,000, which almost tripled in 2019 securing $1,400,000. Therefore, it isn't shocking for Pierre to garner net worth, which crosses millions of dollars.

The Young Car Racer Gasly Sponsorship and Luxury Items

As claimed by Forbes, the 24-year-old car racer, Pierre Gasly is attracted more by design than mechanics when it comes to watches. In his conversation during the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, he said, "For me, it's more an accessory that you try to match with the clothing you are wearing."


Pierre Gasly is sponsored by different companies as a family of the Red Bull.

Pierre Gasly is the auto racer from France.
Source: Wattpad

The millionaire racer, Gasly, wore a Red Bull Racing jacket, a Carrera Calibre 01 chronograph, and a team baseball cap, which would cost around $6,400 while joining the team as the Aston Martin Red Bull Racer. 

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Pierre, as a part of the Red Bull family, is also sponsored by the Austrian giant and even financed by Crypto Gaming win November 2019.

Pierre Gasly's First F1 Podium | 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix

Except for those two sponsors, Gasly also gets endorsements from different sources, which are still unknown to the media. Recently the Formula One racer was seen in a fancy, first and only 5-star hotels in the Cayman Islands, the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean, where he was seen swinging a shot of golf on his Instagram account.

Lamborghini Aventador in Car Collection 

We think it won't surprise you to know Pierre has a Lamborghini Aventador in his car collection. On January 21, the French auto racer posted his brand new Aventador's picture on his Instagram.

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There are two models of the supercar, Lamborghini Aventador S, which price began from $417,826, and Lamborghini Aventador SVJ starts from $517,770 in the current market.

Pierre owns a Lamborghini Aventador.

Pierre with his Lamborghini.
Source: Instagram of Pierre Gasly

Except for Aventador, Gasly might also have other expensive cars in his garage. Therefore, he is living a luxurious life with great success.

Pierre Gasly's Lavish Lifestyle With His Girlfriend

We are not even bragging here, Pierre Gasly hard work paid him pretty well, and the young millionaire is living a luxurious life, which he shares with his family and his beautiful girlfriend, Caterina Masetti.

Caterina Masetti is the girlfriend of the french racer, Pierre Lavishing.

Caterina Masetti is the girlfriend of the french racer, Pierre Lavishing.
Source: Celeb Buzz

The Red Bull sports car racer keep posting many photos of his daily life were we can also see him visiting different magnificent and expensive places with his family and brunette lover.

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