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Prince Harry Received Inheritance Worth Around $14 Million From Late Mother Princess Diana - What Is His Net Worth?

Published Wed Sep 11 2019 By Travis
Prince Harry Received Inheritance Worth Around $14 Million From Late Mother Princess Diana - What Is His Net Worth?

The Royal Family is the biggest tourist attraction in the world; people from all over the earth are fascinated by one of the oldest Royal Families still in existence. Just because they are Royal doesn’t mean they control the country of Britain, the Queen is the figurehead of the nation, and the Prime Minister needs to get the permission of run the nation on her name. There is a staff of Queen Elizabeth inside the Parliament to signify the place is run under her name, even though the Queen or the Royal Family do not possess any power over the nation.

All the princes and the members of the Royal Family are also the same, they are representing the nation of Britain and though it may seem as though they are the wealthiest people in the world. Most of the royals are not exactly uber-rich like people would like to thing. For example, most of the palaces and lands of the Royals are controlled by the country, and they are the property of the taxpayers of the UK. But just because they don’t own most of the places they live in and work for the government, doesn’t mean they are government workers living on measly salaries.

Royal family
The British Royal Family is not as rich as they look.

Source: Hello Magazine

The members of the Royal Family are well-off, and after the brothers turned 30, the money put in trust by Princess Diana came due, and both Prince William and Harry became $14 million richer. But what exactly is the net worth of Prince Harry? There are no pay stubs or tax filings we can look at to pinpoint exactly how much money Prince Harry keeps in his bank account, but there are some ways to figure out how much wealth he earned or inherited over the years.

Military Salary; Price Harry Flew Helicopter For The British Army!

Prince Harry

We’ve seen many royalties over the years wearing military garbs and posing for photos while their coats are laden with medals they were never awarded. But in the case of Prince Harry, it is not the case; the man is a bonafide war veteran who served in the British military for ten years and still to this date works in helping injured and recovering veterans back to normal, or as normal as it can get, life.

Harry served as a helicopter pilot and was involved in the Iraq  War as well as flew helicopters in the war-torn country of Afghanistan. When Harry was deployed for the first time on the frontline in 2006, there was a huge debate in letting some so recognizable and huge figure on to the front line, but Harry wanted to go, he wanted to be with the people he trained with and also the military was something which straightened out an otherwise bent family member of the Royals.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry flew helicopters in Afghanistan during his military days.

Source: CNN

Through his career in the Military, Harry was paid a salary of $50,000 per year, which is the same most other soldiers in the military of the same rank made. It was also the reason why Harry first joined the army, everyone was wearing the same uniform, and there was no difference between the people in the military, everyone was there voluntarily, and they were all there because they love their country.

It was not about money; Prince Harry would’ve made more money sitting at home and doing nothing, but he chose the dangerous and prideful life of a military person, and now he is a war veteran. Can’t buy people’s love with money, but a ten-year-long legit military career is sure going to make people fall in love with Harry.

The $14 Million Inheritance From Prince Diana’s Estate

Princess Diana with her two sons.

Princess Diana was one of the biggest celebrities in the 80s and 90s; it wouldn’t be a complete day if there wasn’t some scandalous news about the mother of the future king of England. Her life ended tragically, but before she died, the princess set up a trust fund for her two sons. Diana was the daughter of the 8th Earl Spencer, she was from a well of family, and she inherited as well as made money over her life, and all of it was put in a trust fund for her kids to use when they come of age.

The money in the bank also provided a steady stream of income for the two Princes who started receiving a sum of about $450,000 from their mother’s estate annually after they both turned 21. But the big chunk of the pie was received by the two brothers when they turned 30, the trust fund kicked in, and $14 million was provided to the brothers.

Princess Diana was also thoughtful with her jewelry, she kept most of them and allocated  her jewels to be given to her sons so when the time comes the wives of her sons would “have it or use it.” Prince William followed his mother’s advice, and when he proposed to Kate Middleton, he gave her a $300,000 sapphire ring which was worn by his mother.

Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge
Prince William proposes to Kate with his mother's engagement ring.

Source: The Yes Girls

The exact valuation of the jewelry left by the late princess is not available, but considering the type of Jewels she used to wear during her time in the public’s eye, it is definitely worth a huge sum of money.

The two princes also a lot of money from their great grandmother’s estate, BBC said the Queen-mother put almost all of her fortune which amounts $80 million in a trust for her great-grandkids back in 1994.

The $35 Million Net Worth Of Prince Harry

Prince Harry

Considering all the money he made in the military combined with his work for the country, the net worth of Prince Harry currently stands at about $35 million, which is similar to Prince William’s.  The money is not going to go anywhere, though, because most of the time, the members of the Royal family do not need to pay their expenses. The Duchy of Cornwall set up in 1377 by Edward the III pays for all the official expenses of the Royals. The Duchy is controlled by the eldest surviving son of a reigning Monarch who is also the first in line for the throne. In 2016-2017 Prince Charles spent $9 million for official expenses of the two princes and the Duchess of Cambridge.

Impact Of The Royals On British Economy

The Royal Famiy.

The taxpayers pay for the Royal Family, and you might be thinking why the people would pay to keep Monarchy in power. Well, the thing is simple the Monarchy brings in more money to the country than it is spent to keep them in the castles. The British Royals are currently valued at $88 billion, but the bulk of the valuation is from the brand of the Royals. $55 billion of the total Royals valuation comes from the “brand” of the family by brand, it means the amount of business the Royals inspire when they are out and about, just take for example the US Open where the dress Meghan Markle was wearing sold out in matter of moment once she stepped out in it.

The Royals do not possess much private wealth, case in point Prince Harry’s $35 million net worth, but their impact on the British tourism and business sector is undeniable.