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'Prodigal Son' Star Frank Harts - What Roles Has He Played In?

Published Wed Oct 09 2019 By Travis
'Prodigal Son' Star Frank Harts - What Roles Has He Played In?

Born on 30 May 1979 in Illinois, USA, Frank Hart started his career in a TV series, and over the years he’s appeared in more than 50 movies and TV shows. If you look at his photograph then it feels like you know him from somewhere and you’ve seen him in multiple things, but you can neither recall where or who he is.

But just because people do not know who he is doesn’t mean he’s been in some belter shows and movies and his career’s been one of the most consistent ones just because of the characters he is playing. Most of the times, he is the comic relief of the show or the movie, and he does a fine job of playing the characters he’s given which is why he is one of the best utility actors out there.

Frank Harts
Frank Harts is one of the most accomplished TV actors in the world.

Source: Zimbio

Whether it is the professional or personal, he’s a happily married man since 4 August 2011 to his wife Shelley Thomas-Harts, he’s managed to make a little career for himself. If he cannot get to your hearts with leading roles, then he is going to kill you with performances and death by many cuts. He rarely gets a constant role in a show which is why it was a big deal when the actor was hired to play the supporting role in the thriller/drama show 'Prodigal Son.'

Playing JT Tarmel in the Fox Show Prodigal Son

JT Tramel in Prodigal Son

Prodigal Son was one of many shows which were ordered to series after their pilot episodes, and it is led by the actor Tom Payne of 'The Walking Dead' fame, he plays the character of 'Malcolm Bright,' and the relationship between him and his father is the central conflict of the story. Well, he and his father are not like the normal father-son dynamic, Malcolm’s father is a serial killer, and Malcolm was the one who called the police on him when he was a little oby.

The same police who arrested Malcolm’s father, acts as a surrogate father to the little kid and when he is fired by the FBI, the detective gets him to work for the police and his team which consists of 'JT Tramel' and 'Dani Powell.' JT is the comic relief with some serious beats, and we love the fact the actor Frank is getting a meatier role this time on the Fox show. Frank’s character JT may not be the central figure, but he’s been involved in more consequential events in the series than any other characters, so we are looking forward to a few weeks at the minimum with the actor supporting the show.

Watch: The trailer for the Fox show 'Prodigal Son'

'Prodigal Son' returns tonight for a second episode and will be a constant fall programming for Fox until they decide to cut or give a full series order to the show.

Frank’s Other Notable Movies and TV Shows

The first major, constant role of his career was in the series 'Hope & Faith,' and soon the actor was working with Spike Lee in his critically acclaimed heist movie 'Inside Man.' The actor also appeared in 'Saturday Night Live' when Sean "Diddy" Combs was hosting the illustrious show.

One episode of 'It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia' and two episodes of 'Law & Order' which happened in 2005 and 2009, four years apart, the actor was hired in the big-budget action movie 'Salt' starring Angelina Jolie.

Watch: The trailer for the action thriller 'Salt'

Frank appeared in multiple other set TV shows where he was brought in to play a character and this included the TV shows 'Unforgettable' and '30 Rock.' He also played the character of 'Smitty' in the movie 'Home' whose director was nominated for the Best Director award at the NAACP awards. He appeared in The Americans as well as the relatively okay movie 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.'

All of his acting in various shows led to 'The Leftovers,' the HBO show by the 'Lost' creator Damon Lindelof. He appeared in seven episodes of the show, and he was the comic relief to the overly somber and serious show. Frank played 'Deputy Dennis Luckey' who is on with the Sheriff of the town, and they are together trying to control a situation which is getting out of hand every day.

The Leftovers still image.
Frank Harts appeared in the Leftovers for a few season.

Frank was also cast in Showtime hit series Billions where he played the character of 'Dale Christo' in 11 episodes before moving on to appear in the amazing movie 'Paterson' which was an award favorite in 2016. Another faith-based show was in line for the actor who appeared in 'The Path' starring Aaron Paul. Finally, all road led to 'Prodigal Son' and a constant supporting role which will probably carry on to next season which he’s never done before if the show is picked for the full season.

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