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Ray Brown, the First Person Who Cured Of HIV Has Died From Cancer

Published Wed Sep 30 2020 By Chester
Ray Brown, the First Person Who Cured Of HIV Has Died From Cancer

The International Aids Society announced Ray Brown has died from cancer.

You might have heard about Ray Brown; he was the first person cured of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). The sources reported that he has died from cancer. The International Aids Society confirmed it.

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He made history in the medical and surprised many people when he was cured of HIV, as the sources say he was cured of the virus 30 years ago.

The Snippet of late Ray Brown

The Snippet of late Ray Brown
Image Source: ABC

As per reports from media outlets, Brown suffered from a recurrence of leukemia (cancer that affects the blood and bone marrow). Then onwards at his home in Palm Springs, California, he was getting hospice care.

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The President of IAS (International Aids Society), President Adeeba Kamarulaman, expressed his condolences to Brown's family members, including his spouse, Tim, and his family members.

He also added:

“We owe Timothy and his doctor, Gero Hutter, a great deal of gratitude for opening the door for scientists to explore the concept that a cure for HIV is possible.”

According to some sources, In 1995, Brown was first diagnosed with HIV while studying in Berlin.

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Though Brown passed away, he will forever be remembered throughout his movies & songs. We are heartbroken to hear his tragic demise and express our condolence to the late bassist and his family. May Brown departed soul rest in peace in heaven.

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