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Redd Foxx's Daughter: Debraca Denise and Her Unique Story in Hollywood

Published Sat Dec 02 2023 By Bsgurung
Redd Foxx's Daughter: Debraca Denise and Her Unique Story in Hollywood

Debraca Denise gained attention due to her association with legendary comedian Redd Foxx, whom she was adopted by after he married her mother, Betty Jean Harris. Despite limited public appearances and a penchant for privacy, she appeared on some television shows. 

Following Redd Foxx's death, he continues to be celebrated as a comedic icon. Betty Jean Harris, Debraca's mother, had a nine-year-old daughter when she married Foxx, who subsequently adopted and treated Debraca as his own. Debraca Denise remains a relatively private figure, with scant details available about her life in the public domain.

Debraca Denise is Married to Husband, Ralph Russell

Debraca Denise, celebrity family member and daughter of comedian Redd Foxx, married businessman Ralph Russell in a lavish June 1975 ceremony at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel's Grand Ballroom. 

Debraca Denise husband
Image: Debraca Denise with her husband, Ralph Russell during their wedding ceremony. Source: Getty Images

Costing $40,000, the event featured 450 guests surrounding a flower-covered gazebo, where Debraca wore a white chiffon gown by Holan Miller of Beverly Hills. The celebration included a champagne reception and luncheon. 

Debraca's mother, Betty, hosted a separate party at her Toluca Estate home. Notably, Redd Foxx was absent from the wedding due to complications with Betty. Debraca's uncle, Kent Harris, gave her away in marriage.

Father, Redd Foxx Marriage and Divorces

Comedian Redd Foxx experienced four marriages in his lifetime. His first marriage to Evelyn Killebrew ended in divorce in 1951. Foxx's second marriage to Betty Jean Harris in 1956 saw her giving up her show business career to become a housewife, and they adopted her daughter, Debraca. 

The marriage ended in 1974 due to Foxx's infidelity. His third marriage to Joi Yun Chi Chung in 1976 ended in divorce in 1981, marked by allegations of cruelty. Despite denouncing marriage after his third divorce, Foxx married Kaho Cho in July 1991, citing her support during IRS troubles. 

The marriages were marked by various challenges, including financial settlements and personal tribulations, revealing the complex dynamics of Foxx's romantic life.

What Happened Between Debraca Denise and Her Stepmother, Kaho Cho? 

Renowned comedian Redd Foxx, dubbed the "King of the Party Records," amassed considerable wealth at the peak of his career. Despite this, at the time of his death, he faced a substantial tax debt exceeding $3.5 million

Foxx's fourth wife, Kaho Cho, filed a case against Debraca Denise, accusing her of financial irresponsibility and misappropriation of Redd's money, diverting it from tax payments. 

Debraca, initially the administrator of Foxx's estate, was later removed in 2006. Foxx suffered a fatal heart attack on October 11, 1991, on set, marking the end of his influential comedic legacy. Barry Van Dyke also made appearances in his shows.

Where is Debraca Denise Today? 

Debraca Denise, Redd Foxx's adopted daughter, remains alive and intentionally veiled from public scrutiny, choosing a private existence. She eschews media attention, withholding personal details and refraining from public appearances. 

Despite the absence of explicit statements, it is inferred that she derives joy from cherished moments with loved ones. Debraca's commitment to privacy underscores her values and priorities, allowing her to navigate life discreetly. 

Her deliberate choice to maintain a low profile has effectively limited the available information about her, emphasizing her dedication to a quiet and reserved lifestyle.

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Father, Redd Foxx Died in 1991

On October 11, 1991, during a break from rehearsing for The Royal Family, comedian Redd Foxx suffered a fatal heart attack on set. Engaged in casual conversation with a reporter from Entertainment Tonight, Foxx was abruptly whisked away by a producer to participate in a scene. 

Despite performing his scripted part, walking across a chair, he collapsed immediately afterward. Initially, castmates, accustomed to Foxx's comedic antics, thought he was joking. 

Paramedics were called, and Foxx was temporarily resuscitated before being pronounced dead four and a half hours after admission to Queen of Angels Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center. He is buried in Las Vegas.

Debraca Denise's Net Worth in 2023

As the legal daughter of comedian John Elroy Sanford, Debraca inherited his estate, amounting to $3.6 million, upon his death in 1991. 

Redd Foxx net worth
Image: Late comedian, Redd Foxx in the frame. Source: Wiki Media

Additionally, she accumulated a considerable income, exceeding $1 million, through her acting career in various movies and television shows. 

Consequently, Debraca's estimated net worth stands at around $5 million, reflecting both her inheritance and earnings from her successful career in the entertainment industry.

She is the Adopted Child of Debraca Denise

Born in 1947 in St. Louis, Missouri, Debraca Denise, daughter of Betty Jean Harris, Redd Foxx's wife, has an intriguing background. Her biological father is unknown.

 At nine, Betty married iconic comedian John Elroy Sanford, known as Redd Foxx, renowned for stand-up comedy and television appearances.

 Foxx's fame and talent shaped Debraca's life as his adopted daughter, blending seamlessly into his captivating personal and professional narrative. 

The union with Foxx at a young age marked the beginning of Debraca's unique journey, intricately woven into the vibrant tapestry of Redd Foxx's extraordinary life.

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