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Richard Brake's Top 6 Movies And TV Shows

Published Sat Jun 29 2019 By Andrew
Richard Brake's Top 6 Movies And TV Shows

Richard Brake widely acclaimed for his role in the iconic TV series Game Of Thrones also made his prolific acting chops known in a plethora of movies and TV series. The astounding actor is famous for giving utter justice to every character he brings to life.

Being said that we bring to you the 10 best marvels that hosts the performing talents of Richard Brake. Enjoy!

6. Hannibal Rising

The movie 'Hannibal Rising' a boy witnesses the deaths of his parents at the end of World War II and the protagonist, young Hannibal Lecter (Gaspard Ulliel) makes it to his uncle's home in Paris. The boy discovers his uncle is dead, yet the man's mysterious Japanese widow, Lady Murasaki (Gong Li) welcomes him nonetheless. An innate knack for science helps Hannibal gain acceptance to medical school, where he hones the skills he needs to exact revenge for the atrocities he witnessed.

5. Doom

A team of space marines refereed to as the Rapid Response Tactical Squad, led by Sarge (The Rock), make their sway to the science facility on Mars after somebody aware them of a a security breach. There, they learn that the alert came after a test subject, a mass murderer purposefully injected with alien DNA,is set loose in the vicinity and began killing people.

4. Thor: The Dark World

Giving utter justice to the role of Einherjar Lieutenant in Thor: The Dark World , Richard Brake was a wondrous addition to this legend of a movie. The movie that introduced Thor to the Marvel Cinematic Universe revolved around the Asgardian god and his struggle to be worthy of the power that he has known right from his childhood days. Moreover, the God Of Thunder makes his way to earth only to find out that he is stripped away of innate powers.

3. Kingsman: The Secret Service

'Kingsman: The Secret Service' follows the protagonist Gary "Eggsy" Unwin (Taron Egerton), whose late father was part of a high profile super high tech spy organization, lives in a South London housing estate and is headed for a life behind bars. However, dapper agent Harry Hart (Colin Firth) acknowledges potential the boy possesses youth and recruits him to be a trainee in the secret service. Meanwhile, villainous Richmond Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) launches a elaborate  to solve the problem of climate change via a worldwide killing spree. Richard Brake does his part for making the movie a masterpiece with his acting  talents showcased through the role of 'The Interrogator.'

2. Batman Begins

Batman: Begins saw Brake in the role of 'Joe Chill', who is indeed the devilish robber who robbed Batman's parents and shot them dead. The movie which saw how venerable and troubled Bruce Wayne transitioned his way to the justice-seeking Vigilante.

1. Game of Thrones

One of the highest rated TV series of all time Game of Thrones also hosted the acting talents of Richard as the Night King. As a matter of fact, the acting chops of the actor was only seen for a year in the span of 2015. Why did the show let go off such a wonderful addition to the team, is the question that fans find themselves commonly bewildering upon.