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Who is Robert Halford's Partner? Learn About His Relationship Details Here

Published Thu Sep 30 2021 By pragya
Who is Robert Halford's Partner? Learn About His Relationship Details Here

Grab the Detailed Information About Robert Halford's Love Life In This Article!

Robert John Arthur Halford is one of the most renowned English singers and songwriters best recognized as Robert Halford. He is the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Judas Priest, formed in Birmingham in 1969. Also, he holds the 2010 Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance. Being a part of the brand frequently ranked as one of the greatest metal bands of all time, 70 years old handsome possesses a million dollars in his bank balance. Indeed, he is a millionaire accumulating a total net worth of nearly $30 million

Till now, Robert has sold over 50 million copies of their albums. His powerful, wide-ranging voice and trademark leather-and-studs image had made Robert noted as the iconic in heavy metal. Moreover, his fans eagerly want to know about his love life, so here is some information related to it in this article.

Robert Halford's Current Relationship Status!

Robert Halford, the Metal legend, is in a relationship and happily married. Halford married the love of his life Thomas Pence, an Ex-Marine officer. According to Loud Wire, on October 28, 2020, the couple's snap was spotted on Robert's Instagram with their fantastic masks.

Robert Halford is noted to be in a relationship with his partner, Thomas Pence.
Robert Halford is married to Thomas Pence.
Photo Source: Instagram

As per MD Daily records, Robert's marital status seemed to be married. He is married to his husband, Thomas. The lovey-dovey couples have been together for 25 years and have dated since 1991.

After a series of unfulfilling relationships, Robert considered Thomas his best gift. He genuinely thinks he has finally found the genuine relationship he had spent his entire life looking for.

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The duo together resides in Phonix, Arizona. Robert describes Thomas as ''one of the best things that ever happened to me.'' Their romance started after they met when Robert answered Pence's ad looking for companionship, as mentioned on Page Six.

Robert Halford Came Out As Gay In 1998!

Robert Halford is openly gay. He revealed his homosexuality on MTV publicly in 1998 and confirmed his relationship with a man he had been with for 25 years. Thus, these apparent things prooves his identity. He states, full of tears:

''It's a wonderful moment when you walk out of the closet. Now I've done that, and I've freed myself. It's a great feeling for me to finally let go and make this statement—especially to The Advocate because this magazine has brought me so much comfort over the years. This is just a wonderful day for me."

As Robert revealed his sexuality publicly, he said he was more concerned about losing his fan followers. He said, ''he will never gain that amass of fanbase after people get to know what he is in reality; also, he could not return to certain places of the world in fear of lapidation.''

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