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What is Rohit Chopra Net Worth in 2021? Complete Breakdown

Published Fri Jan 22 2021 By Bran
What is Rohit Chopra Net Worth in 2021? Complete Breakdown

Know all about the wealth and financial status of Joe Biden's choice for the director of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Rohit Chopra.

It is a huge privilege for any political servant if the incoming President selects you upfront to take on a huge responsibility. The last few days have been the best time for Rohit Chopra as the incoming President Joe Biden nominated him to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as the director itself. 

The Indian-American politician gained vital experience in his last term as the commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission.

Rohit Chopra has shown exemplary work ethics over the past years to gain vital trust from the current and former US President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, respectively. 

As the new US leader chose him to lead the CFPB, his bank balance is bound to grow alongside all the responsibility and job portfolio. Go nowhere as we bring you details regarding the finances, net worth, and Rohit Chopra's salary, which is expected to be huge anyway.

Rohit Chopra's Job Pays Him Well To Boost Net Worth

Rohit Chopra in an interview in a GeekWire Summit.

Rohit Chopra was the commissioner of the FTC for the past few years.
Photo Source: Geekwire

The financial figure of Rohit Chopra is massive, but that just reflects the hard work and dedication he puts into whatever job he does. 

Having served the prestigious role as the Federal Trade Commission's Commissioner from May 2, 2018, he widened his purse and bank balance in an exponential ratio. With no intention to bore you, we take you straight to the numbers.

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The details are astonishing, considering that Rohit Chopra garners a whopping net worth of $500,000 as of January 2021. His six-figure income is no surprise to many as he was the FTC's commissioner under the leadership of republican former President Donald Trump. 

Considering the fact that he climbed the political ladder under new President Joe Biden, his net worth is bound to grow further. The day isn't far when the Indian-American consumer advocate will see a 'multi-millionaire' tag come to his name.

Rohit Chopra caught on the camera.

New American President Joe Biden chose Rohit Chopra to be the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
Photo Source: Law

Rohit Chopra might possess a colossal net worth that has a six-digit figure; the politician still has a lot to fulfill in his personal and romantic life. Maybe it is the fact that he is too occupied in his job that Chopra is still single. 

He might be in a secretive romantic affair. Just like his dating history, he prefers to hide details about his residency and his house information. Taking the net worth factor into account, many expect him to reside in a lavish mansion-like house. 

Rohit Chopra's Income Sources: A Six-Figured Salary

Rohit Chopra poses for a picture at an event.

Rohit Chopra owns a colossal net worth of $500,000 as of 2021.
Photo Source: Tennessee Star

Getting the privilege to be chosen by new President Joe Biden to lead the financial regulating body, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ensured him to become a trending personality across the news media. 

With such massive fame, a lot of people started to pay attention to the money he makes. The numbers couldn't be more impressive as Chopra earned a six-figure salary of $133,399 as of the commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission in the past couple of years. The whopping pay-figure included both base salary and bonuses. 

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As the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from 2021, Rohit Chopra will see a pay rise as well. In fact, he will be earning an annual salary of $259,500 or even more. 

Despite making such a staggering amount of money, there is no doubt that Chopra worked a lot hard to control the nation's economy with his work for criticizing the rising levels of student loan debt that went default by an immense rate.

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