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What Role Is James Cosmo Playing in His Dark Materials?

Published Tue Sep 17 2019 By Travis
What Role Is James Cosmo Playing in His Dark Materials?

James Cosmo is a known actor among the fans of fantasy lovers who most definitely know him from his role in the hit HBO show 'Game of Thrones'. He played the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch 'Jeor Mormont' where for over 12 episodes the actor played the character in the first three seasons. The actor is also known for his appearance in 'Celebrity Big Brother' where he appeared as himself and became the third runner up in series 19.

From 'Sons of Anarchy' to 'Dick Barto: Special Agent' and from 'Outlaw King' to 'Highlander' the actor’s got a long repertoire of hit movies and TV shows, and he is one of the most trusted actors who is hired to play a British or Scottish actor. One of the biggest roles he is going to play in the coming days, is in the upcoming show 'His Dark Materials', which is currently in post-production.

James Cosmo looking off camera
James Cosmo starred in the first couple of seasons of Game of Thrones and also in Bravehart and Outlaw King.

Source: Evening Times

James Cosmo already filmed his role in the upcoming HBO show where he will be playing the character of 'Farder Coram'. The character is of great importance in the Philip Pullman books, and he will also play a larger role in the upcoming series which is currently set for release on 3 November 2019. Written by Jack Thorne and produced by Toby Emmerich, the first episode will be directed by Tom Hopper and the actor James will be playing the role of Farder.

Who Is Farder Coram?

Farder Coram

The whole name of the character is, 'Coram Van Texel', who was given the title of Farder, which most likely means “Father” the title given to the character by the 'Gyptians'. He is one of the “Elders” of the Gyptians people, and he is also one of the people who help rescue the children from the Church.

Farder Coram was a young man when the character first time meets with 'Serafina Pekkala' who was being attacked by another witch’s dæmon. He helps kill the dæmon and rescues the witch whom he marries and also raises a child together. The child dies due to disease, and then the two go away from one another, she goes to become the clan-queen, and Coran returns to his place as one of the important advisors of Gyptian 'King John Faa'.

James Cosmo
James Cosmo is playing Fader Coram in the upcoming His Dark Materials TV series.

Coram, later on, is involved in the fight against the Church and the character is always followed by his dæmon 'Sophonax'. The character was portrayed by Tom Courtenay in the movie 'The Golden Compass', and James will portray the character in 'His Dark Materials' in the upcoming HBO TV show.

The character is of important nature, and the first season the character will most probably play an important role. Ruta Gedmintas is playing the wife of James Cosmo’s character in the show, which means they are most probably leaning heavily into the character and the portrayal of the Gyptian.

Who Are Gyptians?


Think of Gyptians as a race, well, they are exactly an ethnic group, and they occupy the place where 'Lyra Balacqua' played by 'Dafne Keen' lives and they are a close-knit group. The whole ethnic race is divided into different parts geographically, but they are also limited by the number of people who share the same categories as themselves.

Gyptians are limited by their numbers, but they are also not small, the whole race brought out 170 men to join in on a rescue mission. They are also described as huge and muscular who are mostly travelers on the sea, and the only source of their income is trading goods while they are on travel.

Dafne Keen
The first season of His Dark Material is coming to HBO.

Source: PopSugar

Farder Coram is one of the Elders of the race, and he is the trusted advisor of the King of the Gyptians. They are also one of the honorable nations, but they are conceived as feudal by most other people. The Gyptians were also the ones who were devastated by the slew of child abductions which resulted in the adults trying to mount a rescue of the children, and the people of the Lake Enara look up the Gyptians in a good light with stemming from the relationship of Coram and Serafina Pekkala.

The characters are more than important in the overall storytelling of His Dark Materials which make James Cosmo’s hiring to play the role is an important one in the long run. His appearance as Farder Coram is going to be consequential in the long run with the show set to arrive in the UK and the US television on 3 November and 4 November respectively.

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