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Rolling Loud to Host Virtual Music Festival on Twitch!

Published Mon Aug 31 2020 By Chester
Rolling Loud to Host Virtual Music Festival on Twitch!

The pandemic can not just be argued weighing on the negative sides, seeing on the positive side then, it has also taught humanity to be prepared and grow!

COVID-19 has shown the entire human civilization, the importance of the limited life we get, humanity, equality, technology, and many other platforms & possibilities. 

The life comparing to the past few months back and now can be felt way different, and among them virtually communicating, working as also been on the notable features. 

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Talking here, the largest Hip-Hop festival, Rolling Loud, is about to host the show from the video streaming platform Twitch.

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Yes, you heard it right, Twitch; as a matter of fact, the three virtual music festivals will exclusively be held from Twitch, which the organization has named "Loud Streams." The first show from a total three will air from September 12th, 13th, and the final lineup on September 8th. 

And what's the desert this year, Rolling Loud co-founder Tariq Cherif a show called 'The Leak' - a freestyle competition that will give the winner the chance to perform at Rolling Loud Festival, gaming show "Loud Gaming," "Live From The Studio," and podcast "The Rotation."

Talking about the entry price, well, the virtual festival will be free on Twitch. Rolling Loud offers some unique experience for its subscribers for a fee of $5,$10, and $25. The virtual fans with the subscription will have access to features like the NBA's bubble game to see attendees' faces.

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So guys, aren't you excited for the show? For more Entertainment updates, visit Glamour Fame.