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Samantha Hegseth: The Woman Who Once Was Pete Hegseth's Wife, and the Reasons They Parted Ways

Published Mon Jul 24 2023 By Bsgurung
Samantha Hegseth: The Woman Who Once Was Pete Hegseth's Wife, and the Reasons They Parted Ways

Samantha Hegseth's journey to fame started when she joined Vet For Freedom, a politically affiliated company, where she met Pete Hegseth. They began dating and eventually got married. However, their marriage was short-lived. Despite the marriage not lasting, the relationship brought Samantha into the spotlight.

Today, Samantha Hegseth is an American journalist, gaining recognition as a co-host of Fox & Friends on Fox News Channel. Apart from her successful career in journalism, she is also known as the ex-wife of Pete, a former Army National Guard Officer, and Fox News Channel contributor. While their marriage didn't last, Samantha's association with Pete has added to her prominence and public awareness.

Did Pete Hegseth Remarry? Know About Her New Husband

Following her divorce from Pete Hegseth, Samantha has chosen to live a private life, keeping details about her personal and romantic relationships away from the public eye. While Pete gained custody of their three children and now lives with his new wife, Rautchet, Samantha has focused on her career without letting the divorce impact her professional life. 

Samantha Deering husband
Image: Samantha Deering with her ex-husband, Pete Hegseth with their kid. Source: Daily Mail

Despite her social status and being married to a well-known personality, Samantha made the decision to file for divorce after discovering Pete's infidelity, showing her commitment to protecting her marriage. 

This decision highlights her values and dedication to maintaining the sanctity of her relationship. Despite the challenges, Samantha has managed to continue her successful career in journalism with Fox News Channel.

Pete Hegseth Ex-Wife, Samantha Deering Job, and Works

Before meeting her ex-husband, Samantha Deering worked as a spokesperson at Vet For Freedom Company, a politically affiliated firm focused on political advocacy. The organization, founded in 2006, relies on donations for its campaign efforts and operates as a tax-exempt non-profit. 

It receives support from notable figures like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers. Although the exact duration of Samantha's tenure at Vet For Freedom is not specified, she later transitioned into a journalism career. She joined Fox News Channel as a co-host on Fox and Friends. 

In March 2018, Samantha faced controversy and potential job termination at Fox News Channel due to a comment she made during hosting. Allegedly using vulgar language to address Ivanka Trump, she made a contentious remark during a monologue about her father's immigration policies.

Marrying Pete Hegseth in 2008

Samantha met Pete Hegseth in 2008 while both were working at Vet For Freedom. Pete served as the executive director of the politically affiliated company from 2007 to 2012. Their introduction was made through a mutual friend, and while it wasn't love at first sight, they took their time to get to know each other.

Pete Hegseth has seven kids and wedding
Image: Pete Hegseth with his wife and all of the seven children during his wedding. Source: Instagram

At the time of their meeting, Pete was still dealing with the aftermath of his separation from his first wife, Meredith Schwarz. He officially divorced Meredith in 2009 after a five-year marriage that did not result in any children.

Samantha and Pete's relationship blossomed over the course of two years, and in June 2010, they tied the knot in a lavish wedding ceremony at St John's Episcopal Church in Richmond, Virginia, United States.

How Many Kids Does Samantha Deering Have? 

Publicly available information about Samantha's previous relationships is limited, but it is known that her marriage to Pete Hegseth was her first. Initially, their marriage appeared to be going well, and they were seen together at various events and TV shows. Together, they have three children.

Their first child, a son named Gunner Hegseth, was born in 2010 before their official wedding. Following their wedding, they welcomed two more children - Boone Hegseth in August 2012 and Rex Hegseth in September 2016.

Why Did Samatha Deering and Pete Hegseth Divorced?

Samantha and Pete Hegseth's once happy marriage took a turn when rumors surfaced about Pete's alleged extramarital relationship with Jennifer Cunningham Rautchet, a Fox Channel executive producer. Reports claimed that Rautchet was pregnant with Pete's child.

Upon learning of this distressing news, Samantha promptly filed for divorce. The divorce was finalized in September 2017, officially ending their marriage. Rautchet later gave birth to a baby girl named Gwen. In August 2019, Pete Hegseth and Jennifer tied the knot, and they have been together ever since.

Ex-Husband Other Marriages

Pete Hegseth's first marriage to Meredith Schwarz ended in divorce in 2009. While still married to Samantha Deering, he had a daughter with Fox executive producer Jennifer Rauchet in August 2017, during their extramarital relationship. 

Hegseth and Deering divorced in the same month. Later, in August 2019, Hegseth and Rauchet, who has three young children from her previous marriage, got married.

Pete Hegseth Bio and Career Highlights

Pete Hegseth is a former U.S. Army National Guard officer and a conservative activist. After serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, he worked for Vets For Freedom and Concerned Veterans for America, advocating for a greater troop presence and the privatization of the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

Pete Hegseth is former Army National Guard
Image: Pete Hegseth a conservative activist in the frame. Source: Community Magazine

Hegseth also ran for the U.S. Senate seat in Minnesota in 2012. He joined Fox News as a contributor in 2014 and has become a strong supporter of Donald Trump.

Pete has been a regular guest on various news shows and co-hosts Fox & Friends Weekend. In June 2022, he made headlines by crossing out "Harvard" on his diploma in protest of universities promoting critical theory.

Net Worth of Samantha Deering and Pete Hegseth

Samantha has achieved success in her journalism career, leading to financial prosperity. Her wealth was further elevated by the successful divorce settlement with her wealthy ex-husband, Pete Hegset. 

He has a net worth of $5 Million which he gathered through his incredible career. As of 2023, Samantha's own net worth stands at approximately $2.5 million.

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