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Does Samantha Vinograd Have a Husband? Grab Details of Her Dating Life!

Published Mon Nov 18 2019 By Sea
Does Samantha Vinograd Have a Husband? Grab Details of Her Dating Life!

Samantha Vinograd, aliased as 'Sam', works for CNN as their National Security Analyst. She also writes the content for the broadcasting network's website.

Samantha is known to have even criticized the US President, Donald Trump, on numerous occasions, especially when he publicized the negotiation tactics with the Taliban leaders.

Watch: Samantha Analyzes Trump Has a Massive Inferiority Complex

While she goes across the country to gather reports on a wide variety of political news, it is also common for people in the broadcasting world to not get enough sleep. In her case, it is also equally difficult on the romantic side.

Her Work Requires Too Much Focus to Have a Steady Dating Life

Check out her Instagram profile. Samantha is a very giving person. She is devoted to helping needy children and giving immigrants from the middle the hope they need to live in the US.

Samantha Vinograd with three Syrian refugees in the picture.

She is grateful for UNICEF for everything they do.
Source: Samantha Vinograd, Instagram

The topics she covers is related to sensitive topics from the middle east. In fact, her career started as the deputy US Treasury attaché to Iraq for the department in the US. Her university major was also in Asian and Middle Eastern studies.

She's Not Married, but She Does Make Great Friends Along the Way

On the plus side though, she has professed her wish for a future husband. She's hoping; when the day comes, he won't be marrying for her awful cooking skills.

A snapshot of Samantha's tweet with the comment, "I hope my future husband isn't marrying me based on mu cooking skills!" at the bottom. The photo is of potatoes with Mayonnaise poured on top.

Maybe there's something to it.
Source: Sam Vinograd, Twitter

On the other hand, her work also invites the chance to meet some amazing people, and she's been great friends with her. She considers Morgan Ortagus her partner in crime, and she recently reunited with CNN Correspondent, Josh Campbell, not that they're dating or anything.

Samantha Vinograd with her right arm around Josh Campbell during a dinner with friends.

Josh is the biggest fan of Samantha's shows.
Source: Samantha Vinograd, Instagram

Samantha is not avoiding to go out with someone though. She does have that fantasy of getting married like every girl has from a young age. We'll just have to wait and see.

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