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Sarah Ziolkowska's Married Life with Nathan Fielder - Do They Share Any Children?

Published Fri Oct 25 2019 By Travis
Sarah Ziolkowska's Married Life with Nathan Fielder - Do They Share Any Children?

How was Sarah Ziolkowska's married life with her ex-spouse, Nathan Fielder? How many kids do they share?

Sarah Zaiolkowska is a Librarian and reading specialist who just completed her seventh year working for Park Century School. Sarah was studying at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada, when she met the man she would marry. She worked as a teaching assistant at the University when she met Nathan Fielder.

The two met for the first time in 2007, and it was almost like fate for the couple; for the first few years, Nathan and Sarah lived a happy life together. But not all good things are made to last, and when hard times hit, the couple’s relationship was tested, and they could not protect what they had shared for over seven years.

Fame, money, and pride change people. And if you allow them, they will change you! Thankfully for Fielder, his relationship with his wife was pure until it got wrapped in the bitter cloth of the trinity, and nothing was ever the same for the two. Sarah and Nathan were happy together, and a moment of fame destroyed what they shared.

Sarah Ziolkowska's married life with her ex-spouse, Nathan Fielder

After meeting in 2007, it was love at first sight for the two, and for the first few months and years, the lovebirds enjoyed each other’s company. They were perfect for each other; similar likes, similar choices, and similar goals kept them together and finally led them to the altar.

Nathan Fielder and Sarah Zaiolkowska were married for a while.
Nathan Fielder and Sarah Zaiolkowska were married for a while.
Source: Imgur

The ex-couple married soon after they met, and it was a blissful married life for the couple. They were there for each other, and the couple genuinely cared for one another. But then fame rooted itself in the couple’s relationship. It was never the same between Nathan and Sarah.

The comedian started to get some traction from his work in the show This Hour Has 22 Minutes, where his segment Nathan on Your Side, brought a little spotlight on the actor/comedian. This was the start of his career but also the beginning of the end of his married life.

Going Through a Tough Divorce

When fame found Nathan, it was like something he always wanted, and there it was for the taking, and Nathan opened both his arms to embrace his newfound fame. In living his dream, the comedian forgot to hold his wife. Sadly, the two grew more and more distant over time.

The constant touring, shooting, and time apart opened a vast and cold chasm in the former flame’s life. Once a close couple, they started to see their relationship collapse in their very eyes, and there was nothing anyone could do to save their marriage.

Nathan Fielder spoke of the difficulty getting divorced with his wife.
Nathan Fielder spoke about the difficulty of getting divorced from his wife.
Source: Variety

During an interview with Rolling Stone, the comedian spoke of how hard it was to get through that period in life. He was not ready to discuss his divorce, but Nathan did say, like all relationships of people, which end on a sour note, it was the same for him. The whole divorce process was a difficult thing to go through.

“I went through a divorce last year, and I didn’t know how to talk about it at first because it was so shocking,” Nathan opened up in another interview. He rephrased the “shocking” part, but it was a strenuous process. The comedian also mentioned the break of the relationship was “amicable” in the end.

Do They Share Any Children? What Are They Doing Now?

It was a loving and caring relationship at first. But Sarah Zaiolkowska and Nathan Fielder grew distant after a while. The couple also does not seem to be parents to any children. 

Nathan Fielder is currently in a relationship with a mystery woman.
Nathan Fielder and Sarah Zaiolkowska do not share any children.
Source: Washington Post

The relationship between Fielder and his ex-wife, Sarah, did not bore any kids, which was probably why the breakup. The divorce was not much of a tedious procedure since Nathan and Sarah didn't fight over the custodianship.

Sarah seems to be doing fine after the divorce; there is no word of the former wife of Nathan getting into a relationship with anyone. She works as a librarian at Park Century School, where she started working in October 2012.

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