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Scott Disick Seeks Help From Sofia Richie to Save His Reality Show

Published Thu Sep 26 2019 By Travis
Scott Disick Seeks Help From Sofia Richie to Save His Reality Show

In a last ditch effort, it seems Scott Disick show is looking to bring in his girlfriend to right the course of the ship.

Scott Disick is struggling to get people interested on his show with 'Flip it Like Disick' bringing in abysmal numbers for all of the latest episodes. The show which centers on the lead actor Scott Disick going around LA and flipping high-end houses as well as looking at the personal life of the celebrity was supposed to bring in huge numbers for the channel.

But E! Network is not particularly happy with the low viewers’ retention considering the fact the flipping show was following the popular 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians.' 'KUWTK' is a favorite show for people to watch and it is one of the better performing shows for the network E!.

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According to Neilsen ratings the show brought in about 377,000 viewers on 22 September which was a massive drop from the show it was following KUWTK which brought in almost one million viewers on the same day.

The numbers are just not there for the show, and it is supposedly hanging by a thin thread. The premiere of the show brought in about 455,000 viewers, which was disappointing, and the hope was after some promotion they would be able to bump up the number slightly, but the whole thing never came to pass. With the premiere being the only time the show crossed the 400,000 thresholds.

Scott Disick
Scott Disick is not getting the required viewers to his show.

Source: Glamour

The thing is E! is not known for house flipping shows with HGTV locking the whole thing down on their channel and the only thing going for the new show and the channel was the star quality and social media status of the lead actor Scott Disick, but the whole thing is looking like a bust every day.

It is already an expensive show, and with the type of people involved in the making of the show as well as the guest stars, soon the income will not be able to justify the cost of the series. This is why the creators of the show are looking at the final trump card to juice up the numbers of the show.

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie
Scott Disick is looking to Sofia Richie to save his fledgling show.

Source: The Cheat Sheet

According to reports, Scott is not happy with the happenings of the show and according to a source, “Scott is just extremely upset about this. Anyone who knows Scott knows that he put his entire heart and soul into the project.”

Now, the producers of the show are trying to bring in Sofia Richie to get the numbers of the show, up and allow some more breathing room for the people involved in the series. Sofia was in the series when it started, but the producers decided to leave her out and make the show about Scott and only him, but now there are no other options left to save the show which is why Sofia may be back in the next episode.

Watch: The promo for the next episode where the couple discuss about sharing a future together

“The producers just felt that, in the end, having her on would just take away from him,” but now the attitude towards Sofia is changing and they “may decide to throw Sofia back in.” The promo of the new episode also showed the two together and with the 21-year-old heaping praises on his girlfriend.

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