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Scott Kolanach's High Profile Married Life - Who Is His Wife?

Published Sun Mar 14 2021 By Tashipalmo
Scott Kolanach's High Profile Married Life - Who Is His Wife?

Know Everything About Scott Kolanach's High Profile Married Life: Who Is His Wife?  

Scott Kolanch, although not very established in his expertise yet, is a husband to a notable celebrity in Hollywood.

Scott, by profession, is a theater director and is mostly known for his work as a lighting director in "The Groundlings," an improvisation and sketch comedy theatre.

Born on December,2,1974, in Stony Pointy, New York, Scott's personal life has brought him more fame than his works as of now. He is married to Stephanie Courtney, one of Hollywood's most prized actresses and comedians.  

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Scott, now 46, hasn't been in any prominent projects for the last few years and has kept his life away from the spotlight. In contrast, his wife Stephanie's life is as illustrious and gleaming as any other Hollywood actor. 

Who is Scott Kolanach's Wife?  

Stephanie Courtney, popularly known for her character Flo in television and radio commercial for "Progressive Corporation," is an American actress and comedian. 

Born on February 8, 1970, Stephanie is also noted for her roles in many television series like "Tom Goes To the mayor," Madmen," "Cavemen."  

Stephanie's candid

Stephanie Courtney is known as Progressive Flo for her portrayal of the character in an insurance advertisement. 

Photo Source: YouTube


The 51 years old has worked with big names like Ben Stiller, Don Draper, and Kaitlin Doubleday in her acting career. 

Stephanie Courtney Early Life And Career

Stephanie has had her share of struggles and trials in showbiz; it took as much time and effort, if not more like other actors, for her to hit big in Hollywood.

The 46 years old actress/comedian from Stony Pointy was the middle of the 3 children in her home. Her father was a high school teacher, and her mother was a singer. Courtney grew up in a working-class family but wanted more from life.  

Stephanie with a collegue

Stephanie graduated with a degree in English before pursuing her acting career. 

Photo Source: The List

Stephanie took the practical road and graduated from Binghamton University with a degree in English. But participation in the play "The Crucible" as Elizabeth Proctor acquainted Stephanie with her own talent and ambition. 

Stephanie, in an interview states, that she was never confused as to acting was a correct choice for her, not because she never had another option in her mind after the realization of love for acting. 

She hence began her search for stardom and moved to New York, where she studied acting whilst working as an evening secretary for a management firm to support herself. 

It took nearly 10 years for Stephanie to get her big break finally, and amidst those trying years, she created opportunities for herself when it didn't come to her. 

For instance, when she and her sister Jennifer moved to LA and wrote and performed the sketch-"Those Courtney Girls" in LA. 

In 2008, she landed her most-known character, "Progressive Flo," and did more than 100 advertisements for progressive insurance.  

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The character gave her the recognition she'd always wanted, and till now, Stephanie is called Progressive Flo-the very excited pitchwoman than by her real name. 

Scott Kolanach And Stephanie Courtney's Relationship  

Scott Kolanach and Stephanie's relationship dates way back before Stephanie acquired the coveted place in showbiz. As per sources, the couple met while working for the sketch comedy group "The Groundlings" in 2004 and dated quite a while before tying the knot.  

stephanie with husband

  Scott Kolanach and Stephanie got married in 2008 and have one child together. 

Photo Source: Just Richest

Some sources even suggest a good chance that the duo knew each other even before joining the groundlings. The Kolanach couple got married in 2008, and they had their first child in 2014, and her still going strong while steering away from the spotlight.  

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